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Artist: Frost f/ Diamonique
Album:  All Oldies
Song:   I'm Still Here (Part 2)
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

"Now maybe
I was jealous
Talking out of my head
But baby, if I wasn't
Can I take back what I said" --> Tierra

Chorus: Gangreen
"I'm, still here
After telling you
So long"
"I'm, still here
After telling you
So long" --> Tierra

[Verse 1: Diamonique]
Diamonique is still the queen of the west, west
Ain't dropped a album in years, but still the best, yes
No, I ain't goin' nowhere, you can't replace me
I'm like that bitch that don't leave, you never phase me
Keep comin' back to the game, even though it's shady
I'm a do my thang til I die, so player, you can hate me
I don't want your girl, but she lookin' at me like "Save me"
I'm like, "Naw, baby, I'm good, but you can rape me"
This one's for my fan club, bitches and my groupies
Everybody who knew me, everybody who blew me
Off the richter, my, flow's a killer
No chick is iller, I'm sick, I'm realer (Yeah)
You gotta love it, I'm a be here for a while
Diamond Cut, see me shini' from a million miles
You could try, but I'd delete you like a bad file
Cause all I got is one mic
Yeah, I'm still down

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Frost]
I been rhymin' ever since rappin' first started
First Chicano ever, gold selling artist
Me and Tony G., house parties, flaunting gardens
I kept it hood and every block ghetto was my market
Hooked up with Ruthless Records, signed a deal with Eazy E
Shows with the Fat Boys and Run-DMC
That's why I'm the most connected Latin rapper emcee
My blood line top breed, you ain't in my pedigree
I'm heavyweight, triple beams, the method like amphetamine
I been here strugglin', my legacy remember me
An L.A. king with one shot, and one dream
I'm Strictly 'bout my Business like EPMD
From music to movies, I'm known as an innovator
I'm 'bout my paper, do it big like a skyscraper
I'm on that green like the tractor, call me John Deere
Homey, that's the reason
I'm still here

Repeat Chorus

Dedicated this to all the homeboys, all the homegirls worldwide
It's worldwide, brown pride on mine, forever
Chicano power, homeboy
Ha ha
It's still for the raza, you know what's up, homeboys
Shoutouts to everybody
From the 213
To the 310, to the 562, 626, 714
909, 619, 805
702, 505, 602
303, 808, 713, 210
It don't matter how you do it, we still cruise low and slow
Comin' live and direct from the Hennessey Lounge
Off of Whittier Boulevard
East Los, baby
Big Frost

Repeat Chorus Til Fade