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Artist: Frost f/ Weeto
Album:  All Oldies
Song:   Hood Chick
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

Chorus: Weeto
Even through the bad times
And the good times
You were always my ride or die
And what we go through
Ain't always easy
But you still stay by my side
You find out the truth when you go through the storm
If it wasn't real, she'd already be gone
She's my hood chick, keeps me strong
Without her
I probably do wrong

(Verse 1)
Yeah, let me explain, she my joy to my pain
A light to my day, she keeps me sane
Icing on the cake, the cherry on top
Mr. Flintstone, so I make her bed rock/Bedrock
Who would have known she be carryin' my seed
Another little youngster growin' up to be me
Back bone to the family, I hold this together
Moments that I cherish, always and forever
The air that I breathe, that make me believe
My Mary J. Blige, You're All That I Need
Ugh, and even through the bad and good
You always there for me, never take a second look

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
I probably do wrong, I probably do right
Ever since I met you, we been up all night
It's sort of like a dream, so I give you what you like
And you return it back, and the pleasure's all night
Ain't No Sunshine, when she gone
But she came back, and she put me on track
You the perfect match, I'm so happy that I have, you
A queen, the woman of my dreams, my everything
That's how it's supposed to be
When I'm gone, little mama, she be missin' me
I know that times get hard, situations are harder
You become the blessing that I never thought of

Repeat Chorus

Hook: Weeto
She's my hood chick
Misses in the party
And she's so thick
I can't get enough
Cause I love it
She gon' hold me down
Ride or die chick, because

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus