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Artist: Frost f/ Butch Cassidy
Album:  All Oldies
Song:   Get It In
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

{*rooster crowing*}

(Verse 1)
I wake up in the mornin' from the sound of the roosters
Look out the window, see them clucksters and them blue-sters
Ordinary day, in L.A.
And momma cookin' up, chorizo and eggs
I get booted and suited with a fresh new (???)
And the weather feelin' right, hearing laughter from the kids
Walk out the door, see a O.G. classic
All white interior, system blasted
Check out my Coup Deville, sittin' low
Lift up, hit the switch, let's coast
PCH, at the beach, and some bad little mamas
Girls go wild when they see the godfather

Chorus: Butch Cassidy
"What a day," I'd say, and it's goin' my way
Pick up some heinas that wanna play
No delay, get right, get my game real tight
Get it in from day to night
"What a day," I'll say, and it's goin' so good
Roll through my hood like a real G should
Real G's, strictly, just give us what we need
Smokin' on Cali trees

(Verse 2)
Stop at Neptunes next for a bite to eat
And what do you know, here come them freaks
So I wink and smile, and I say "Hello"
Conversation got deep, now it's time to go
But before I won't, they say "Can I roll"
There's three plus me, now that equals four
This the good life
Palm trees in California
Plus a couple bad women up on ya
Eighteen holes on the green with George Lopez
I stay on the green, gettin' money, I'm focused
Frost Angeles, I am Los Angeles
Home of the Dodgers, and the world champion

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
Sunset Boulevard, I'm a Hollywood star
I never thought I would make it this far
To capture every moment, just like a photo
Stickers everywhere, beast on a promo
I wouldn't be here, if it wasn't for my locos
I do it for mi gente, voice of the cholos
Always and forever, memories I'd treasure
United as one, my people stay together
Diamond in the back
Sunroof top
Gangsta white walls, hand full of gwop
Hundred spokes spinnin', gangrene in it
Everything I say, I do
I live it

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, ha ha ha
The tribute
All Oldies
Al Green
Seven on the track
My homeboy, Butch Cassidy
Ha ha
Big Frost...
Henny Lounge...
East L.A.
East Los, baby