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Artist: Kevlaar 7 f/ Bronze Nazareth, Salute
Album:  Unbutton Your Holsters, Vol. 1
Song:   Nothing to Hide
Typed by: pneumatic

Now what are the guns

[Chorus: sample]
My path will someday haunt me, Even though I have nothing to hide
Hide, Nothing, Nothing

[Kevlaar 7]
Zero to conceal, Fear a caliber of forty
Real and righteous, Fightin stormy clouds that follow
Vials of today is my lotto tomorrow
Grippin a bottle, Sippin that purp Crown Royal
Royalty and money's like water and oil mixin
What was I thinkin bringin seeds into this world
Fairy tale years shed a struggle's pale tears
Assistant on a weapon, Deceased, My sister's weepin
Keepin the fury full adds dirt to my burial
I'm grippin on a piece so my fam can see peace
A rare experience under the heaven we beneath
My expense is war until my temple's deceased


[Bronze Nazareth]
Yo, Levels of terror, Goulded out era
Behind the all seeing pharaoh, Fury out of order
Slow burn potent ashes in the urn in Florida
Crows fly backwards, White Owls burn
The Pistons lost to the Spurs, My mind all disturbed
See these rhymes like a taxi, My way off the curb
National seems blurred, My straight words just served
Run no petal tracks free like gold medal athletes
Cast off, Islands away just to think
Blink and life gone, But my mics still on
Maintain tunnel back like time machine mind frame
When gas was ninety-nine cents and mines was plain
Minus thinkin bout how the nine would aim if the time had came
Yeah, Yo, Murderous nervousness, Life full of turbulence
Yeah wild orphanage, Never off the hip


[Prelude: Salute]
Yo, That's real talk man, Yo, The way I feel
I feel like I'm goin, Man, I'm goin.

Zero to sixty-six in just six seconds
Mind concealed, I'm a felon for this weapon
With two strikes, Sweatin hard, Beggin for a foul
With my family on my mind, Gettin calls from prison walls
My tummy touchin, Brain cells hangin by nails
And my cash flow movin like a boat when it sails
Real steady but my nightmares worser then Freddy
And that load on my back that I'm holdin is gettin heavy
But still ready, Puffin on my pride like a roach
Posessin nothin but my word, Few pistols and hopes
I'm tired of dreamin, Fascination runnin too wild
And the sirens gettin closer like the law with a case
I'd rather die before motherfuckers spit in my face
So stay in your place, Before the gun leave off the waist
And I'm up in your residence, Ivadin your space
Meltin hearts, Body parts, Like the weed when it's laced
And keep it movin like the first of the month with that yea
It's everyday in this jungle that I'm livin, I'm lovin
Corruption gotta nigga feelin like a reason for thuggin
And I'm huggin blocks more then I'm huggin my women
Got me tossin in my sleep, Dreamin I'm D. Goddin
Casualties when I squeeze and it leaves the iron
Providin chalk line and if my daughter's cryin, I aint lyin

Ohh how will I know