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Artist: Kevlaar 7
Album:  Unbutton Your Holsters, Vol. 1
Song:   Indebted
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Kevlaar 7]
Yo...I'm hard headed, yo the tarot cards is betted
Indebted, to my street niggas, criminology's in us
Corporate street justice, yo we all strapped for business
Bill O'Reilly witness, artificial lungs is left windless
Endless living, until I beg forgiveness
Resurrected on the 3rd day, the God slash sinners
Perfect King Beginner, in my kitchen it's the last dinner
Rock a jewely crown, disguised as a beggar
Explode when a nigga, roll the rock from over the cellar
Pour the goose, I'm loose, my freedom's much better
Indebted to my mother, pulled the wool from over my eyes
Real recognize real, it's all a disguise
I seen a blue sun and moon inside a yellow sky
In my dreams, it's follow your din or homicide
So the wicked must survive, I'm needed for healing
Intellectualized, fuck cards, stop dealing
I'm the realest, today, tomorrow is yesterday
You ofays, purposely making the earth decay
Is it OK, Rev. keep eying collection plates
Get your cake; add 7 years and half my age
But to shallow earth, my wallets a better gauge
Amazed, at how the K is seen in every cave
I invented the flames, every eyebrow was raised
I calmed the perfect storm, then claimed "the war is on"
The beer drinking, heavy thinking, prophets never calm
I owe y'all, I'm burning your world to the beyond...