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Artist: Kevlaar 7
Album:  Unbutton Your Holsters
Song:   Unbutton Your Holsters
Typed by: pneumatic, Kevlaar 7

[Chorus 2X: Kevlaar 7]
What was then, And what was now
Unbutton your holsters my soldiers, (Chicka-plow)
Draw the biscuit, Actual fact
In the distance insist on the twelve jewels now. (Chicka-plow)

[Kevlaar 7]
My words hold weight, Observe the state
Great Lake rhymer, Obama gun climber
Shoulder holster's open for easy access Momma
It's war out here inside Medusa's stare
I'm on the fifth floor, It's power restored
Hardcore Vietnam, An oldest son's encore
Stepping through the jungle on the frontline's struggle
Scratch a double, Give me a culture of shots
You think twice, I think in stealth machs
And spit blood clots all over ofay's plots
You crabs wanna claw, Get hit with that raw
Footage, My verbage pull it, Spit SK bullets
Fifty cal vision, Barry Sanders precision
Scary clocks is tick'n, Larry Chambers intuition
Gun Rule rhymer, My style is so bitch'n
My vinyl voice so vintage hear the crack'n and the click'n
This is Armageddon, Emcees grab your weapons
The region I'm rep'n will leave your souls dissected
My words are sharp, My nerves pierce your heart
Swimming with the sharks, I'm the thirstiest by far
Don't make me risk my freedom, A menace to the rhythm
You'll see the snares bleeding, Hungry venom, Sink my teeth in
Wild Westerns in Michigan taverns
In the jungle where the predators scavenge, Kevlaar is ever lasting
Ignoring my sleep yo, It's war in these streets
Emcees keep the heat, My stride on water runs deep


[Outro w/ ad-libs]