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Artist: Kevlaar 7 f/ Phillie
Album:  Unbutton Your Holsters, Vol. 1
Song:   Blood Diamond
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Kevlaar 7]
Uhh, Unbutton your holsters nigga, Yeah, Uhh

[Kevlaar 7]
Ayo the Blood Diamond, I'm exploited for the enhanced
The band and the clock is tick'n, Been in this position
Reaching the tipping point, My vision is bending
Astigmatism fitting rusty razors through prisms
A dealers deal'n a kingpin, Keeping pawns in prison
Leaving thirsty lips drip'n, Affliction was they mission
I'm batting seventh in the ninth inning
Descript'n how I'm live'n
My contract is missing, Just like my rib when
The serpent was forbidden and the apple was bitten
Keeping my gun hidden, Insist'n on legal intervention
Cause my seeds are seeing what defending is to live'n
The system is barracudas, But Megladon is swim'n
Sling'n whatever, Get me the fuck out this building
What's the difference if I wild out, Sheep'll be sing'n
Continuing this bullshit, Yall bloodied up my linen
Pleading of my conviction left me dry of my freedom
Commissioned Van Gogh to please listen to my visions
Insisting on revelations being the realest existence

[Chorus: Kevlaar 7]
Wondering if Blood Diamonds'll shine ________
But it's violence in my army jacket lining
Still a place short of die'n and keep grinding
Digging up diamonds nigga

Chest ties, Ronald Regan eyes, Oblivious
Inferior cause I aint got millions, I'm not serious
Refuse to be a sellout, Invented a system
Brainwashed, The same plot that put most of us in prison
These horny little sluts give it up to any nigga
Then pop champagne on em, What's happening to our women
No shame or afraid of the disease they might get
I'm just making the movie I didn't write the script
Young dudes wanna be goons, Follow not lead
Tomorrow looks bleak, Get darker, Follow to the streets
Taught me to hustle, Experience, Dominance, _______
Homage town, The villages, Using common sense
Sworn testimony excused, The problem is
We hot, Yall not, You can swallow it
Get your weight up, Your guns and your pay up
Hope you prayed up, Who gone save ya
Been around for a while, Keeping it underground
Traveled the mainstream, I've seen these hunters now
They can never get me, Out muscled or out wit me
Out simply, I'm bout my chips, Doubt Phillies

[Chorus 2X]