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Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Album:  untitled unmastered.
Song:   untitled 02 | 06.23.2014.
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

Pimp pimp~! (Hooray!)
Pimp pimp~! (Hooray! Hooray!)
Pimp pimp~! (Hooray!)
Pimp pimp~!

[Chorus: Kendrick Lamar]
I'm sick and tired of bein' tired, can't pick a side, the Gemini
Prophesize if we livin', I, promise momma not to feel no lie
Seen black turn 'em Burgundy, hundred of them, I know I'm greedy
Stuck inside the belly of the beast, can you please pray for me?
Get God on the phone, said it won't be long
I see jiggaboos, I see styrofoams
My hood goin' brazy, where did we go wrong?
I see jiggaboos, I see styrofoams
Get Top on the phone

[Kendrick Lamar]
Tell the squad come home
We gon' ball again, 'fore he call us home
World is goin' brazy, where did we go wrong?
It's a tidal wave, it's a thunderdome
Get God on the phone, I just got a raise (I just got a raise)
Spent it all on me (I spent it all on me) diamonds all appraised (diamonds all appraised)
And I'm bossin' up (and I'm bossin' up) bitch get out the way (bitch get out the way)
I'm the only way, we can fornicaaaate
Ah, pimpin' and posin', look what I drove in
Ah, havin' these hoes and, I know that I'm chosen
Ah, I live by the code and, me and my bros and
Ah, my dollars ain't foldin', you was never the homie


[Kendrick Lamar]
(What's up, my nigga?) Cornrow Kenny, he was born with a vision
All mornin' with the mixed dashboards triple digits, parallel park like an alien, can't visit
Slideshow for the night show, ten bitches, find hoes with a blindfold, King Kendrick
{"Hello Billy"} ...
So many plays on me I finesse, palisade views with some sex
I lost a lot of love for missionary, this the first time I confess
Me and Top is like a Kobe and Phil, a father figure, fuck with him, you get killed
Fuck with me and he'll kill you himself, TDE the mafia of the West
Move in silence, yeah we juugin' like that, act of violence, yeah we juugin' like that
I did a lot of dumb shit in my past, Lord forgive me, hopin' I don't relapse
Dave just bought a new 911, almost thought I'd seen another plane crash
Q just bought a brand new McLaren, Rock-a-lock about to buy the projects
Moosa got his son drippin' in gold, Ali 'bout to let his hair down on hoes
Me, I'm about to let my hair down on hoes, top billin', that's a million a show
Might blow the whole no whammy on Soul, might tell Obama be more like Punch
Sounwave caught a Grammy last year, Mackwop bet he do what he want
Fuck you niggas, level two, I'm not done, 2Teez told me that I'm the one
I can put a rapper on life support, guarantee that's somethin' none of you want
Ten homies down and they all servin' life, water's like twenty-five hundred a month
What if I empty my bank out and stunt? What if I certified all of these ones?
Bitch I get buck, I'm as real as they come, shit is amazin', I'm feedin' my cravings
You know that you want me, come here now lil' baby, I'm fuckin', I'm crazy
Servin' it like I belong in the basement, or live at the Days Inn
Yan Yan my relative, black cherry soda, pistol and poverty, come get to know us
Get Top on the phone {*echoes*}

[Outro: Kendrick Lamar]
Who doin' the drums?
Man put that nigga on the drums man
Yep all day, "Mortal Man" and "Kunta"
Alright, from the top!