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Artist: Kendrick Lamar f/ Ab-Soul, Jay Rock
Album:  The Heart, Pt. 3 (Will You Let It Die?) {S}
Song:   The Heart, Pt. 3 (Will You Let It Die?) 
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Kendrick Lamar]
One two, one two, one two (sup, sup, sup)
A-one two, one two, one two
One two (turn the headphones up, Ali)
One two; you mix with Dre, right? {*laughs*}
Turn the headphones up...

When the whole world see you as Pac reincarnated
That's enough pressure to live your whole life sedated
Find the tallest building in Vegas and jump off it
But I could never rewrite history in a coffin
So I'm talkin' to God, "Can you wash all these demons off me?"
This last year I've been quite similar to Aaliyah
Control my own destiny, only rapper that steered
A G5, G's give high-fives to me and say, "Kendrick, just persevere"
The presence of being real
As I lay in this four corner room staring at candles
thinkin' "How can I make an example
for this generation of Compton?" My biggest fear is not feeling accomplished 
or turnin' back to that same accomplice
My past life was a child with no act right
Tryin' to smile in a room of killers, turn into a crash site
Influenced by niggas that spoke the gang culture fluent
Assurin' that some blossom early and some truant
Thank God for the album I idolized
+It's Dark and Plus Hell is Hot+, that's the start of this crazy ride
Two young niggas, me and Dave inside the garage
And thought we was Jay and Dame, that's the lane that we tried to drive
Truthfully, I just started rappin' to get away
I never thought that your favorite rapper would want a verse
My nigga got hit 25 times with a K
MAKE the decision, ride the beat or ride in a hearse
Now Punch is my mentor, Top Dawg is the coach
Jay Rock is my older brother, I was there when he wrote
his name on his record deal, we had figured the coast
Would live on a pedestal, once the shit hit the store
Found ourselves scramblin', tryna figure it out
Soul told me that the record shop 'bout to go in a drought
Q ain't got a place to stay, and 'bout to sleep on the couch
We eatin' off each other tray, the dollar menu amount
Meanwhile the coast goin' hard at each other
The younger rappers had wanted some of the OGs' comfort but I ain't need it
I never screamed out the "New West", I didn't believe it
They brought each other down, I was plannin' out my achievements, hahahah
I need to separate myself to stand out, tahah
I need a better way to take your fans now, hahah
I need to kill you motherfuckers DEAD (DOO DOO DOO!)
And we never asked for no hand out
In the midst of it all I recall a call when you said how
We could never resolve in The Hall of Fame
And I'm with the trial with a Bible and a rifle, I play the game as I PLAN BLOW~!!
Hollaback at me, nigga
And if they said that I'm the one, why you askin' me, nigga?
Cause when the whole world see you as Pac reincarnated
Enough pressure to make you just open the Book of David
And pray to God that ya make it or live your life in the matrix
Cause fallin' off is a sickness, I heard that it's quite contagious
I need to separate myself to stand out, tahah
I need a better way to take your fans now, hahah
I need to kill you motherfuckers DEAD

...I'll be damned if the chopper jam NOW~!
And we never asked for no hand out
I'll take you back to that pack of Black & Milds in my hand now (SOUL!)
In the midst of it all was cooking with pots and pans out
Lookin' forward as four of us are forced to form a new clan now
Fast forward as I wait in line for this passport
The homies was still poor, was workin' at Jansport

[Kendrick Lamar]
Uh, whoever thought that Rosenberg would mention me to Dre?
Even Vanessa from Double XL had told him to press play
And there goes my fate, now I'm on stage with Snoop
Gave me the torch and I ran with it in high pursuit
Rapped with my forefathers, even record with Gaga too
Lyricist of the year, fuck am I supposed to do? Rock

[Jay Rock]
Laughin' at you niggas out there who thought we was flukes
Exaggerated shit that we rapped had came true
Thought I was aggravated, when Warner had let me loose
I was honest, see they was haunted when Mike Jones didn't recoup

[Kendrick Lamar]
Cool, cause niggas won't outdo us in the booth
Even when my album leak, fans still buy it for proof
I came, I saw, I conquered
No shame, I blame all of this on Compton
Thinkin' about when Sherane tried to set me up
Cold game, full circle, they set up her
I put my life in these twelve songs, my fight in these twelve songs
The fight to ignite any wrong or right that I prolong
The story was short film, the glory of him and them
The worry of mothers that don't recover when babies killed
The trial and the tribulations, the newer +Miseducation+
The view of a body wastin', you knew somebody who ain't make it
The angry, the adolescent, the reason I ask this question
Will you let hip-hop die on October 22nd?
Will you let hip-hop die on October 22nd?