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Artist: Kendrick Lamar 
Album:  Black Friday (S)
Song:   Black Friday *
Typed by: Cedmaster3K 

* set to "A Tale of 2 Citiez" instrumental by J. Cole

[Kendrick Lamar]
Dick hard like Rottweiler, can you handle it? 
Can you handle it? Woo woo woo woo woo woo!

The whole industry been in shambles
Everybody fugazi, I'm just changin' the channel 
Kendrick Lamar, the people's champion, I'm animal for analysts 
Career damagin' verses, meditatin' with candles lit 
I like my raps extra prolific
Since freestylin' on lunch tables and park benches 
And I won't mention my ten thousand hours in training
While jugglin' gang-bangin', my balancin' was tremendous 
And now we look at the competition as quick submission
They tappin' out before we even get a chance to miss 'em 
What this about, is it money or skill?
Maybe it's both and I got large amounts of it, it's real 
You see my oath is very unbreakable, my style is never mistakable
I can see y'all incapable
to be the God emcees, you know me well
Ridiculous, venomous, hate in my heart, the sinister
Run for cover, my lineage prove itself 
I'm +Rolling Deep+ in that paper like two Adeles 
Before scholars, I flowed tighter than virgin lips 
We had to shake the game up and you're flyin' through turbulence 
Everything is high stakes nowadays, that's how it played nowadays
It's like an 8-ball to the face nowadays, I'm laced nowadays
My gun is off the waist nowadays 
It's seven figures and retainer for the case nowadays
I'm talkin' higher power, every other hour since Eddie Bauer
Since stash boxes and lead showers, breakin' the padlock 
And the dead coward dyin' a thousand deaths, entire lion
Surround itself with bears, watch it nigga, you share a profit, ah! 
This is what they want, I'm the one
This is vintage from nineteen eighty-somethin'
I'm the son of the pioneer that got you niggas on 
Play with him, bitch you better off votin' for Donald Trump
I'm yellin' Mr. Kanye West for president
He probably let me get some head inside the residence
I'm in the White House goin' all out
Bumpin' "College Dropout", God-bless Americans 
Nothing more influential than rap music
I merge jazz fusion with the trap music
I mix black soul with some rock and roll
They never box me in, I'm David Blaine-in' all you hoes 
Oh yeah, let's go there, my DNA is DMT, I'm so rare 
My +Juvenile+ was wilder than the Nolia 
A locomotive couldn't track me down in my career 
Runnin' this shit with four pair, son of my bitch
I might demolish a bitch right in front ya
Chico what have you done here? 
Deebo all of it one year, Mississippi to California 
It gets annoyin', niggas wanna deploy him
And bitches wanna adore him but industry shit ain't for him
Probably thinkin' it's for him, only one me 
Swallowed the key and kickin' the door in, never leasin' my foreign 
Mr. Valedictorian studied the game before them
Listen to you with boredom, baby rappers, abort them
To the grave I deport them, corporations extort them 
I'm snappin' off my endorphins, I alien mighty morphin'
My radiance rather gorgeous, $100 bill to the doorman
Hundred mil' in my fortune, they call me back in the morning 
You're racin' against the tortoise, pace myself, it's important 
Lace myself with the wisdom, my playerism enormous
So pay the man for performance, saucy all of my garments 
Jimi Kendrix performin', this fucking studio haunted (ahhhh!) 
I tell a bitch don't sweat me (don't sweat me)
I kill this whole fuckin' beat if Cole let me (please Cole)
Ib should've never sent the instrumental 
Every time I start writin', I get sentimental
{*sniff*} This shit is just not fair
{*sniff*} But why the fuck should I care? 
{*sniff*} The story of your life here
Two young stars was born and y'all gon' die here 
Oh Lord, gotta be the yams 
Billboard list need 2Pac, damn
But #9 makes sure he lives on, yeah 
Hoochie, coochie, pussies in a trance 
Every day a celebration
But even the valley peakin' me is not validation
Nigga this TDE and my doggies be salivatin'
Salaries, better ratings and casualties all around me
don't make me do demonstrations
Whoa! ...
Murder my allegations and burnin' my finger traces
Adjournin' my power patience and earnin' royalty payments 
I'm sorry, y'all not relatin', this party is reservated 
I kill this whole mothafuckin' beat if J. Cole say it
My nigga Ib chopped the instrumental, I gotta slay it 
I gotta lay it, gotta show you fuckers I'm not to play with
The ruckus had been my favorite, King Kunta the fuckin' greatest
Whoa! ... 
Burnin' my leather d- (nah I'm just fuckin' wit'cha...)