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Artist: Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples, Yugen Blakrok
Album:  Black Panther: The Album
Song:   Opps
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

Zoom then

[Kendrick Lamar]
Fuck y'all want from me?
Y'all don't want money, y'all don't want from me
Y'all wanna die in the chase of things
We all gon' die, embrace the thing
Trapped inside a burnin' church
Made it out alive, God know my worth
Raw face, Scarface
Y'all face more defeat, I know it hurts
20 of 'em, 20 on call
Got 20 in my hand, got 20 on judge
Gave 20 to my dawg, got 20 on girls
That'll fuck you to (zoom zoom zoom)
That'll fuck you to fuck you over
Take your safe, take your keys, take your Rover
Take the heart you thought you had
Speed off, rollin' up life in a taxi cab

[Chorus: Kendrick Lamar] + (woman)
Opps on the radar (you're dead to me)
How you wanna play ball? (you're dead to me)
{*bleep*} takes all (you're dead to me)
(You're dead to me, you're dead to me)
You know what zone I'm in (you're dead to me)
Don't care who you with (you're dead to me)
Watch me do my shit (you're dead to me)
(You're dead to me) {zoom then}

[Vince Staples]
Ay ay, ready, set, go crazy
Here to finesse, you see I'm getting mines
A life hit a nigga with a lemon's lime
Like what at night, we still committin' crimes, spittin' rhymes
Bought a coupe with the spinnin' rims, get inside
Bring a friend, bleedin' hands from the genocide
Clean me up, beam me up to the other side
Brothers die cause coons turn to butterflies
They don't wanna see me sittin' in the Benz
They don't wanna see me livin' on the end
Of the city in a citywide bend
Show no pity in the city for the sin
They don't wanna see me gettin' to the check
They just wanna see me swimmin' in the debt
Don't drown on ground, wait until you hear
9-1-1, freeze (zoom zoom) dead


[Yugen Blakrok]
I move like a millipede
When I flex them tendons like rubber trees
Young Millie Jackson back to the shit
Mouthpiece drawn, got a verbal armory
Stack bodies, not figurines
Move beneath the surface, submarine
I'm half machine, obscene with a light sword
Look inside the brain, it's a ride in the psych ward
What you standin' on the side for?
Roar like a lioness, punch like a cyborg
Spit slick, attack is subliminal
Flowers on my mind but the rhyme style sinister
Stand behind my own bars like a seasoned criminal
Gotham City streets, I'll play the {*bleep*}
Crushin' any system that belittles us
Antidote to every poison they administer
Switch it like time signatures
Colors in my aura tend cover the perimeter
Brown bodies that the blues wanna shoot through
Hi-Rez lasers wanna (zoom zoom zoom)
Roll over your eyes
My strength ain't nothin' like my size
Blades on the top, Kathleen Cleaver
Tangle my chords like a weaver (zoom then)