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Artist: (Kendrick Lamar f/) Ab-Soul, Anderson .Paak, James Blake
Album:  Black Panther: The Album
Song:   Bloody Waters
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Ab-Soul]
Meet the man in the mask
Meet the man in the mask

[James Blake]
All those days and, all that stays and
I don't keep it, I won't be here for it
All those days and, all that stays and
I don't keep it though, I won't be here for it

[Anderson .Paak]
Yes Lord, huh

[Chorus: Anderson .Paak]
Hail Mary's in the sky (Hail Mary's in the sky)
False prophets get buried alive (alive)
Head on the throne cause that's where I reside (reside)
Ways of the world the weak won't survive
Somethin's in the water (the water) ayy, my nigga we lawless (lawless)
Please move with caution
Who set the fairway? (fairway) damn right I need all this (all this)
Yeah Jack, I need all this, ayy

Hitters acquitted with fingerprints on the Glock
Screamin' +We Gon' Make It+ like two-thirds of The LOX
(Yah yah, yah yah)
Blah blah becomes blah blah

Blood on my hands, I'ma need hot agua
You gon' meet “your maker”/Jamaica, I'm won't say it in patois
Hope I strike a nerve like a package of matches
You might wanna bypass, this smoke ain't “gas trick”/gastric
A prince-turned-pope tryin' to do like kings do
Sweatin' in chess games, tryna move like kings move
You should slow your roll before you drown in the moat
He tried to channel balance but never found the remote
Killers on the prowl still juggin' off a lick
Still a .. with a double for his {*bleep*}
Common politics, everlastin' mayhem
Draw to stick you for' your figures, that's how they +hang man+
So what's your game plan if you got one?
You aimin' at passengers with a shotgun? (whoa)
The +Aftermath+ is you “in the scope”/Interscope
It's warfare, is war fair? No
You understand? It's probably better you don't
Just keep a dock on standby, charter a boat
Ship set sail and, planes depart
The big picture's in motion, are you playin' your part?
Yeah, before the lights get dark and the curtains get closed
Are you playin' your role?
As told by an organized criminal
And general, get off my genitals, I got your general


I had to be about 9 when I first had seen it
Low lows pulled up outside of the Ralph's
After a car show at Dominguez
They had a disagreement they had to air out
Just another day in Del Amo
Fo'sho, man down, mando
Thank-thank God I never had to knock your partner off
Or be another casualty of war - amen
There's four footprints in the sand where I walk
I never claimed to be a saint at all
We’re rushin’/Russian, trippin' with hollow tips
And a, Kalashnikov aimed at y'all (kla ka ka-la!)
No, Soulo Hoe kept it clean
Ridin' dirty, jury would have gave me thirty
Herbie love buggin' out, hit the target blindfolded
Electorial college devoted
To hit the score, to write the score that's not a metaphor
Ragin' against the machinery, tapin' up the scenery
You gotta keep the piece to keep the peace
Got dough, squad up and mopped the block up for a cleanin' fee

[Outro: James Blake]
I don't need you to change
I don't need you to change yourself (get-get away)
But I've got to get away (get away, get-get away)
I've got to get away (get away, get-get away)
From it all (get away, get-get away)
(Get away, get-get away)
Be as free as you can (get away, get-get away)
Be as free as you can (get away, get-get away)
Away from me (get away, get-get away)
I tried to be a saint like everybody else