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Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Album:  Kendrick Lamar EP
Song:   Celebration
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[Kendrick Lamar]
Ayyy, uh
For the record, I used to do a lot of humping when I was little
Got a lot of womans over that shit too
and that's random, but so what? Ha-ha-ha

Give me that beat fool, this a full-time jack
No, really this a Sounwave track
So really I ain't gotta steal nothing, all I gotta do is kill it
when you press record button, let the paralyzed feel it
I came back with a full-time swag
and the critics thought they had me, nah
I just bought more batteries, turned up, supercharged
A medium away from living large
Matter of fact, where my niggas at?
Where my bitches with them pretty weaves?
Enemies bleed on the maxi-pad, pussy you fucked with the wrong one
I'm on one, I'll make sure your kids breathe pneumonia
Good kid, mad city, evil in my heart
from the blood niggas fucking with me, crip niggas tryna kill me
Malcolm X mind state, if I raise the crime rate
it's a legitimate reason why
I put on repeat Kanye's "Touch the Sky"
But I'm looking past that, I'm tryna touch God
My heart to the heavens, the rebel of the reverend
Y'all married to the game? Well I'm bout to crash weddings
I put a lot of pain in the shit I write
If you going through something, this is shit you recite
This is bigger than life, this is Kendrick Lamar
This is Jimi Hendrix guitar on {?}, I mean war, like that
Yeah, straight like that

People don't be shy
Release them balloons to the sky
I need the world to celebrate me (one time)
You'll never know when I'm gone (two times)
Oh, oh, oh

[Kendrick Lamar]
Ayyy, uh, in 2010 I'm tryna ball nigga
like shooting jump shots in the mall nigga
That's a quote from Ab-Soul, I suppose
since you laughed it's the ultimate goal
On behalf of the Top Dawg conglomerate, shall stay anonymous
Search the seven continents, accomplishing big shit
Big ass, big tits, she on me
and just to get to me she'll fuck the homies, homie's homies
The life of a cool nigga
My nigga Tony said just do you nigga, show and prove nigga
And they gon' play you for a fool, that's for sho'
till they know you got the stankiest stew nigga
Shit, I ain't tripping, I'm just tipping on fo'-fo's
Back in the city and tipping on fo' hoes
That boy got a cold cold, he's sick on, slick on
Drop red jewels like a school of Bar Mitzvahs
Oooh, straight like that


[Kendrick Lamar]
Uh, why y'all complain about OGs?
I don't look at a legend and say you owe me
Not Snoop, not Dre, not Ice Cube
I don't care me and Quik went to the same school
I look in the mirror and do it myself
like a self-made nigga, I don't need a maid nigga
Do I need a cosign from Dre or Jigga?
They can make me much bigger, but do I need 'em though?
I just need a flow
The type of shit that make you think you seen 'Pac ghost
"Me Against the World" on you muh'fuckers
I've got my back against the wall
and the .45 draw get +smoked+, Chris Tucker
Uhh, tryna record my steelo
even when I'm not there just like TiVo
The hoes tell me that I got a real big ego
and weed move slow right now but E go
You know what I'm talking bout? I look at your Audemars
Then put y'all on +time+ out, it's time to unveil the real
and your career's bout as frail as Ms. Winehouse
Just salute, grab a flute and pull the wine out
Oooh, just like that