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Artist: DJ Kay Slay f/ Lil Cease, The Outlawz
Album:  Rhyme or Die
Song:   Bury the Hatchet
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[Tupac voiceover]
The East Coast West Coast thing is something that the journalist and people are making
up just to get paid off of so it could drag out
So, they're perpetuating it so it could be drama
When it all go down, don't look at me and Biggie and be like
"Why is there a big East Coast West Coast war?" when you're shooting this to 300 countries
Telling them about an East Coast West Coast war that they would never know exist
So that's where information become a problem
[Young Noble]
Never got a chance to say goodbye to my comrade
I would've took those and died for my comrades
It's like the pain get deeper the more the time pass
Pushing to the future can't rewind the past
A few years back, I would've ran into Cease
Bet we both would've throw down, we both could've squeeze
Headline reads:
"Noble and Lil Cease died from gun fire over the East and West beef"
Fifteen years later and it's still ain't no peace
And our niggas still gone, this is more than just a song
Listen to my verse, it'll answer all your interviews
You niggas watch me grow from a soldier to a general
The rap game need this, East and West Coast need to see this
Let our niggas rest in peace
Put that bullshit behind us, do this for Pac and Big Poppa
We riders from Brooklyn to Compton, we honor you
First Pac died, then B.I.G. died
Then Nas told us Hip-Hop died
How we let this happen?
Should've bring snap, the generation keep asking
How we survived and get passed it?
Had to keep on mashing
It's bigger than some Peace Treaty shit
Kay Slay said the rap game need this
It's time we bury the hatchet
This is history, long live the legacy
Of Hip-Hop's two greatest MCs
It's time to bury the hatchet
[Lil Cease]
Dear mama, my karma
Cease A Leo, The Outlawz, no drama
The wars we fought, struggle that we garnish
And honor, we pay respect to Pac and Poppa
I would've took a shot for B.I.G. any day
Believe it or not I would've took one for Pac
And that's real shit, that's the shit that real niggas do
Niggas don't understand the pain that I'm going through
And we ain't doing this for no money or no profit
This is for Mrs. Shakur and Ms. Wallace
All my real G's on the corners in the projects
The real gangsta thug niggas and convicts
And niggas saying that they wished B.I.G. and Pac was here
They lying, if they was here, they wouldn't have careers
This is history in the making, this is magic
It's time to move on, bury the hatchet
Pick up the pieces, pick up where we left off
Easier said than done like trying to forget the Holocaust
Or slavery, the damage is a done deal
Blood shed tears spilled gun shots hitting on steel
What's beef when you hit them niggas up and flee?
West side, catch a flight back to the East
Time is money, every minute is another million
Being wasted destroying instead of building
And like Carlito I'm just tryna hit that last score
Stuck in position wishing I could fast forward
Cause it's dues to be paid, debts is owed
Old allies turn to new foes
And vice versa, Slay commissioned it, who else could deliver it?
Ply nigga could picture this
Prolly should've buried the hatchet with the homies
Better late than never, that's what a OG told me