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Artist: Kap G f/ Jeezy
Album:  Like a Mexican (Mixtape)
Song:   That Paper
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I love that paper, I love that paper
I love that paper, I love that paper (te amo)
Get em' in by the bolo, you know I can't fuck with a broke ho
Cause I love that paper
I love that paper, I love that paper

I love that paper, I love that paper
I'm getting this paper (dinero)
And if it ain't money then we're not related, there's no conversation
I just keep it pimpin', girl why is you trippin'? that's just in my nature
Got my barber in Cali, he got LA Clippers, he give me a shape-up
If this ain't no migo shit, you don't know nothing about it
My weed is so loud and yo shit is so quiet, yo pockets on diet
I've been tryna get money, I've been rollin' these blunts
I don't worry bout no broke hoes
Girl you're gettin' on my nerves, I can't buy you no Louie
that's a motherfuckin' no-no
Migos bring em' in through the bolos
This is for all of them sellin' cocos
Got a bad bitch named Coco, can't put a ring on it, I ain't frodo
And whenever we see the popos, hit the backdoor, here the 4-4
Oh no, and I got dope boys, cortez, you know, just like cholos


Go get your weight up, don't owe you no favors
Don't like me, then sue me
Got powerful lawyers just like great debaters
Put the money on the table, I'm the truth not a phantom
Tim Tebow, [?] from Florida Gators
I'm kickin' I'm kickin' that flava, I'm kickin' that flavor
Money on my mind, I don't got time to be a conversator
I've been rollin' these blunts
I've been tryna get money, tryna get my cake up
And I'm rollin' with my dawgs, yeah I'm rolling with my wolves
like Twilight, Jacob straight up, pay up, and my bitch got on no makeup
And I gotta act down with her face up
put her in the hip like a pager, straight up, straight up
I don't play no games, no Sega, gotta kick her out when she wake up
Say "Kap G but te amo", I don't need no bull no Chicago, adios