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Artist: Kap G f/ Fabolous
Album:  Like a Mexican (Mixtape)
Song:   Cocaina Shawty
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Once upon a time in barrio
Papa got his work out, cardio
Posted with vatos tryna get paid
Vatos ain't his vatos, shotgun to his brain

Cocaina, coca shawty
Cocaina, coca shawty
Cocaina, coca shawty
Cocaina, coca shawty

Better watch your back, the block called Daytona
Con narcos they postin' will put you in coma
Papi R.I.P, they gon' D.I.E, we fighting for territory
Take day laboratory
Paco el Jefe got bricks like a realtor
Paco El Jefe I know Papsi killed ya
I'm eating tortillas with [?]
I can't fuck with snakes like the game on Nokia (telephone!)


I bust in his casa, I grilled him, picado
Told you I was gonna find you
You killed my fucking father
Cocaina whipped in cocina
Strong arm, John Cena
Take his dough, pizzeria
Disrespect not tolerated
Not in my house, Dikembe Mutombo
Head honcho, keep a tech, Bobby Boucher
Smoking them pounds you would think I do reggae (Bob Marley!)
Made migo like Geoffrey, no fresh prince, I'm el jefe


I grind on my mana, I got hustling in my DNA
Got Lindsay for the Lohan
Got Miley Cyrus at the VMAs
My white girl be twerking
My young boys be working
My bitch got addicted to Chanel and Birkins
I get it for the low, make it double up
Pretty seƱorita, call a couple up
Go to H Town, fill a duffle up
Stuff it in ya bra, call that double cup