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Artist: Kano
Album:  140 Grime St
Song:   Hustler
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Since 15, I was in the game
I was on the air yeah, I was on the waves
I was doing shows, I was on the stage
I was tryin to get dat big boy pay
But more than the money
It was for the name
Plus I had the talent to match my brain
I was on the grind, I was on a rager, once a week when I found that's kano
I was on raw, I was on flavour
I was on voo, I was on major
I was like you, but with a little bit extra, went from a deep mc to a veteran
With perfection, with direction we can make P's with no weed posession
No election chose myself, I'm a dealer heres the life I dealt

Now I'm 22, still in the game
Still getting better, still getting played
Still getting beats for cheap, e for d's
Break it down like piece by piece, flood the street
Come to me I'm a hustler kano run the street
I got the lines on lock, fire like I got the nine on cock, BRAP!

Duck down
I got the hot 16s what now?
That's why the don't like me
They try to bad mind me when kano comes to town
But now
Theyll never catch me slipping
Cause I be cookin product in the studio like it's a fucking kitchen


365, for the rest of my life
Everyday I hustle like a rick ross rhyme
I got food, if your intrested
If you wanna invest it
You can sell these bits and never get arrested
You can take this shit, but you might get affected
The flow is so addictive, beef, oh so ecliptic
Respect it, and you can lead a life worth living
This shit right here could be your road to the ritches