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Artist: Kanye West
Album:  High School Graduate Mixtape
Song:   Ever Since
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Yo, I'ma rise to the top cause it ain't in me to fail
Or die bustin' at the cops before they send me to jail
The same nigga ya serve with won't even send you the bail
And sail with some niggas tryin' to send me to hell
So whether
Rap or crack
Beats or streets
This summer I'm rockin' ice to beat the heat
Now I'm gonna cop a Benz 6 and tell 'em "Keep the Jeep.
Keep the receipt, keep the change, keep the game."
As long as I keep the fame and keep my name
Kanye to the
Motherfuckin' West
She said, "You from The Outfit?"
I told her, "Motherfuckin' yes."
So every time I spit, it's got to be fresh
So whether freestyle or written
What's the point of rhyme?
I'd rather hear somethin' bitten, as long as it's hittin'
Wack niggas grab my tracks, just get to shittin'
My niggas grab they gats, just get to spittin'
Faggot niggas be like, "Uh huh, no he didn't."
But I did
Ever since I hooked with Syndicate
And shit
I've been blazin' niggas ever since
Ya heard me?
Blazin' niggas ever since