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Artist: Kanye West f/ John Legend, Kid Cudi, Lloyd Banks, Pusha T, Ryan Leslie
Album:  Christian Dior Denim Flow 12"
Song:   Christian Dior Denim Flow
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[Chorus: John Legend and Kid Cudi]
I got the world in my hands, the master plan
But I don't why I keep calling, why I keep
All of these girls at my shows, they loving me
But I don't know why I keep calling, why I keep calling you

"All the models to the floor right now
 All the models to the floor right now, what? Huh?
 All the models to the floor right now
 All the models to the floor right now, huh?"

[Kanye West]
I'm in my Christian Dior with a Veronica Webb
Noemie Lenoir, Chanel, Sessilee Lopez
Arlenis Sosa, Selita Ebanks
If you work with my people, speak that Jourdan Dunn language
Make a phone call out to Joan Smalls
I wonder how it feel to lower/Lara Stone's walls?
Jessica Gomes y'all, I would damage her
and see if Jessica Stam got the stamina
I'm in the car with Leo and the Benz swerve
I heard that Bar was friends with Esti Ginzburg
Coco Rocha, Kate Mimosa
Alessandra Ambrosio, Anja Rubik, get Olga
Kurylenko, tell her I'm very single
Abbey Lee too, I'm a freak boo
I'm whylin', I'm on a thousand
I wanna see Irina Shayk next to Doutzen


[Kanye West]
Christian Dior denim flow
I told her I'm tryna eat out, so what we going to dinner for?

[Pusha T]
Miami nights on the search for some T and A
Tryna hide what's obvious to see in me
We conversate a bit about your DNA
and my salmon-colored suit from the VMAs
Oh you was watching? Who the fuck wasn't?
Me skip across that stage in five-dozen
Yeah, six grand for a minute's time
Italian Vogue styled a nigga for a minute rhyme
Let's be clear and let's be fair
The best thing in music's being offered here
It's a round table full of bosses here
Still giving you it all like the coffin's near


"All the models to the floor right now
 All the models to the floor right now, what? Huh?
 All the models to the floor right now
 All the models to the floor right now"


[Ryan Leslie]
It's time for a lesson in model behaviour
Damn, look at all the bad bitches I gave ya
Man, I can see the flaws to your flavor
Look like Wonder Woman and still need a savior
Maybe it's a billionaire, maybe it's that cocaine
I done seen drugs and money run the whole game
A good girl lost in the city life
Agent Provocateur holding titties right
I'm haute couture of hoes galore
Give my girl a Newport cause she's smoking yours
I'm the authority of model seniority
They call me +Les'+ but they all need more of me

[Lloyd Banks]
Uh, he ain't Kraft material, champagne for cereal
Shorty stole my heart, criminal my lucky charm
Fly clothes and Lear shows, type of stuff we on
Stuff all my problems in that bong and I'm puffing strong
I've been locked in my way of thinking, now my cuffs are gone
Must have been the liquor talking, I'm begging the cups "c'mon"
Might come off as irregular, I come in custom form
T-G-I-F GT breeze, my hustler's poem
My sound's full grown, reminds me of my favorite chronic (kush)
+Ball+ like a Super Sonic, make the haters vomit
Nigga make some money 'fore you make a comment
I meant to snap a while ago, but who knows where the time went?
Probably dime chicks, whips with a Diddy
Now I'm back like a nine millie running New York City
See me clearly through the storm
The world's mine, sits pretty in my palm
Chandon as we continue on


[Kid Cudi]
Niggas think they know I'm the guy with the story
They don't really know what's in my head, fucking with me
How can I be better? I could start with just the basics
Still on Dior galore, I love the cut~!
I seem to have forgotten that I'm off the nini
To the people who don't know Cud', know what?
Rose-gold Presidential on my boney wrist
Took my ma to Chanel, had her LC the stunner
She got haters, some in the fam made us
But they don't really matter, we escaping with our paper
"Hey Ya" I'm on my Andre 3000
I'm all good now, a nigga don't need no counselling
Woke up in the room and my mojo was active
Looks from the hoes that were more than likely passive
Back when, let me not reflect on the old shit
I'm onto the new act, onto my new script
Bitches better have they thoughts before approaching
I done heard it all, baby save it for them other niggas
Do things all before living, haters copy, I'm the image
Haters copy, I'm the image