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Artist: Kanye West
Album:  My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Song:   Hell of a Life
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[Kanye West]
I think I just fell in love with a pornstar
Turn the camera on she's a born star
Turn the corners in the foreign car
Call the coroners, do the CPR
She gave that old nigga an ulcer
Her bittersweet taste made his gold teeth ??, uh
Make her knees shake, make a priest faint, uh
Make a nun come, make her cremate, uh
Move downtown cop a suite space, uh
Livin' life like we won the sweepstakes, whaaat
We headed to hell for heaven's sakes, huh?
Well I'mma levitate, make the devil wait, yeah
[Chorus: Kanye West]
Have you lost your mind, tell me where you think we crossed the line
No more drugs for me, pussy and religion is all I need
Grab my hand and baby we'll live a hell of a life
[Kanye West]
Never in your wildest dreams, 
Never in your wildest dreams, in your wildest
You could hear the loudest screams 
Coming from inside the screen, you a wild bitch
Tell me what I gotta do to be that guy
She said her price'll go down if she ever fuck a black guy
Or do anal, or a gangbang, it's kinda crazy it's all considered the same thang
Well I guess alotta niggaz do gangbang, and if we run trains we're all in the same gang
Runaway slaves all on a chain gang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang
[Kanye West]
One day I'm gon' marry a pornstar
We'll have a big ass crib and a long yard
We'll have a mansion and some fly maids
Nothing to hide we both screwed the bridesmaid
She wanna roleplay, till I roll over
I'mma need a whole day, at least roll doja
We'll party as we go into an oscar day
Especially if she can't get that dress from Oscar De La Renta
They wouldn't rent her, they couldn't take the shame
Snatched the dress off her back and told her get away
How can you say they live their life wrong, 
When you never fuck with the lights on
"fuck wit' the lights, fuck wit' the-wit' the lights on" (6x)
[Bridge: Kanye West]
I think I fell in love with a pornstar
And got married in the bathroom
Honeymoon on the dancefloor
And got divorced by the end of the night
That's one hell of a life