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Artist: K-Rino 
Album:  Deeper Elevation 
Song:   Rain and Wind 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

First off I know your situation, but what is quitting gon' prove 
Your heart was in the right place, your head just made the wrong move 
It's safe to, assume that that's the world we all relate to 
Somehow you gravitate to, the ones who use and hate you 
Still looking for a breakthrough, felt like this is childhood 
Not many people willing to listen to you, but I would 
It's natural, to wish you had a friend that you could call up 
Your life is rough, I understand why you got a wall up 
Cause folks lie, anything you wanna hear they say it 
They gain your trust, only to turn around and betray it 
It left permanent wounds on your heart, but you managed 
And at the end, nobody helped you repair the damage 
I wish I had the power, to visit moments in time 
And eliminate, all painful events out of your mind 
Cause I'd do it in a second, if that would make you whole again 
Like you use to be, before you let those dirty vultures in 

If I was rain, I'd wash away 
Bad memories of, sad yesterdays 
I wish that I, could be the wind (what would you do then) 
I'd blow away, the pain within

You ask yourself, why'd I fall victim to this evil 
The fact is, bad things do happen to good people 
And just to prove that I know how you feel, to be exact 
I'ma run you through the process, cause I been where you at 
See first the problem hit, then people started to deny you 
And then it reached a point, where you was asking God why you 
But keep love inside you, we know you not a angel 
It's good to get advice, but know that only you can change you 
You say yeah but it's painful, but that'll soon disperse 
Remember most things that give happiness, come with pain first 
Then the cries transform, to rejoices in our voices 
Let's benefit, from not be the victims of our choices 
Now take this mirror, look into it see beyond the flesh 
Call the greatness that's inside you out, and let it manifest 
What was done is in the past, so quit trying to relive it 
The only power that it has, is the power that you give it 


Don't get rattled, no matter what rough road that you travel 
Female or male, emotional foundations are fragile 
The mother who passed you, to another after she had you 
You can't expect to come away, unscarred in life's battles 
There's no contentment, only regret and resentment 
For those who showed ill intent, since you was an infant 
Getting high'll never last, gotta try and let it pass 
You need a mental cleansing, just like a dianetics class 
Now, how many people coulda resisted that life's urge 
If somebody coulda got to em, and spoke the right words 
And it's clear now, your problems won't just up and disappear now 
And ain't no use in wishing you could switch it, cause you here now 
These young soldiers in the streets, living fearless 
And I'm a realist, I know exactly what you trying to deal with 
And that's the reason why these words, are like a prayers session 
For all the trauma I ask God, to give them their blessing