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Artist: K-Rino 
Album:  Deeper Elevation 
Song:   No Fly Zone 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

Red in the stash, anything to save a buck 
Not Madonna, but like a virgin I never gave a fuck 
Catch a Brinks driver, raid his truck 
Again I'm not Madonna, but my crown's like a virgin I never gave it up 
With no contact, foreheads I bust open 
Once again I'm not Madonna, but like...naw Im just joking 
I'm known to boguard frauds, and smack hard 
I always keep it real, I never front like a backyard 
Rap polar bear, snap you with a solar flare 
Your soul I'll go in there, and open you up like a folding chair 
The ability and greatness, that I hold is rare 
I strike every part of you, I'll even leave you with swollen hair 
I'll invite you to the square, but you don't wanna come 
You so dumb, you wear your pinky ring on your thumb 
Flow until the great wall fail 
From my lyrical head knock, you couldn't break loose if you was all hail 
To think you can battle and win, you is nuts 
That would be harder, than getting dread twists at Super Cuts 
Losing ain't in my vocab, my friends say 
Thursday through Monday's gone, every day is Wednesday 
Hit him so hard, he woke up in the next state 
The second time I hit him, he landed on the next date 
Out of place, like a checker player yelling checkmate 
Boys don't wanna see me, like a Betty White sex tape 
I'm known to spit, with mathematically lifty wit 
Some impossible shit, like a seven way fifty-fifty split 
I'm that old crazy dude, in the house 
Word clarity better than yours, with food in my mouth 
You're in disarray, no victory dissing K 
Instead of pistol play, I'll just fry you in a skillet like a fish filet 
Hot enough, to give the sun a tan 
Like a six foot roof to a seven foot man, it's hard for you to understand 
Or stand under, most rappers are known to beg 
I'll leave your car alone, and put a boot on your leg 
K don't stop the fight, until he win it 
I can stand behind the camera, take the picture and still be in it 
When my photo's over crowded, then it's time to expand 
Ran out of paper, so I wrote mine's in the lines in my hand 
The best way to describe K on a verse, once the beat's right 
I see green after it's red, like a street light 
Don't ever tell me I'm the best, cause I won't be surprised 
It's unnecessary, like a blindfold on Stevie's eyes 
I was tried, for the massacre of eighty mic's 
My skills are crazy, fighting yours is ladies night 
Better make sure, you pay me right 
Cheating me is a bad idea, like a sandpaper baby wipe 
I'm from a place, where we hide flows in the next life 
You from a place, where your sister is your ex wife 
You wanna see a brain splat, I can arrange that 
A penny for your thoughts, I'ma need some change back 
Faster than cheetah feet, too loud to be discrete 
I'm so focused, that I can actually see the beat 
I don't ball out of control, and then fold under 
But I do go through paper, like a hole puncher 
My mic strap, leaves heads in a coward's lap 
The first of every month, I take a thousand hour power nap 
I never trusted men, as far as a yellow school bus 
With ten fat kids, could get moved could get moved by a gust of wind 
I kidnap the rapper, set ransom at twenty stacks 
His family gave me twenty five, not to send him back 
I get through the people words, hit divided quick 
You never connect, like a legless karate kick 
Skin starts stinging, from the trauma that I'm bringing 
And I knew that it was over, once your mama started singing 
The skill prodigy, people would rather hear me give em bad news 
Than hear you tell em, that they won the lottery 
The only compliment from K-Rino, you'll ever get 
You're probably the best, weak rapper I ever met 
You came late homeboy, class been in session 
You fools'll never learn, like waterless swimming lessons 
Eliminating you, is four minute pass 
Look at the bright side, at lease you was the first person to finish last 

South Park Coalition, South Park Coalition 
Yeah, the rap militia is back