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Artist: K-Rino 
Album:  Deeper Elevation 
Song:   My Laughs 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 


My hand snapped, in the worst trap 
I see my foes, taking dirt naps 
For years, I been running full speed 
But I'm just finishing the first lap 
Is life really bout coming up 
Or is the purpose, really bout love 
Trouble real easy, to get into 
But it's hell, getting out of 
My childhood's, all gone now 
It's tough, standing on my own now 
I miss, staying at my mama's house 
Gotta keep remembering, I'm grown now 
Got struggles, that I gotta overcome 
And mountains, that I gotta go beyond 
I'm staggering disoriented 
All spaced out, and I'm the sober one 
But I made it through a lot of long years 
It's like the money's where the wrong is 
It's bad, when the devil's on your shoulders 
But some days, I be on his 
And I'm steady, walking down the wrong route 
I don't smoke, but I'm zoned out 
The streets ain't got nothing on the war 
That I'm fighting, in my own house 
From sun up, to when the sun's down 
My heart's weighing bout a ton now 
I exploded, like a bomb sound 
Everybody telling me to calm down 
But I won't stop, until I get enough 
My stress cup, keeps filling up 
I'm acting like I'm happy 
But I'm bout to go insane, cause the pain's building up 

If you only knew, the days I've had 
The tears that live, inside my laughs 
Come grab my shoes, and walk my path 
The tears that live, inside my laughs 

Am I frustrated, extremely 
Dirty analysts, they wanna screen me 
I got a storm, brewing in my mind 
But you'd never know it, if you seen me 
See I never been a cut throat dude 
And I never been too fly to listen 
They say that nice guys finish last 
But I'm guessing, that explains my position 
Cause, other than this deep harassment 
I be shoveling through hate and madness 
And it's trouble in my mental cabinets 
Smiles, covering my inner sadness 
Trying to empty out my whole song vault 
Been hit up, with a lot of thrown salt 
My daddy told me ninety nine percent of things 
That happen to you, are your own fault 
Then I'm hated, cause I'm not manipulated 
I waited, till my mind was liberated 
I made it possible, for other cats to make it 
But the love was not reciprocated 
And it's loading up, because I never vented 
I'm getting more aggressive, by the minute 
And I don't care how good, and generous you represented 
Everybody got a limit 
I lost touch with myself, it's gone 
I'm disconnected, like a telephone 
I'm tolerating what you saying 
But I'm thinking, please leave me the hell alone 
Some peace, I was looking forward to 
And patience, is what I'm showing you 
Man I don't wanna take it out on you 
But I'm bout to click, from what I'm going through 


All my wit and I prayed, my inner strength I displayed 
When my confidence was hit, by your relentless brigade 
Yeah I spent what was paid, every cent that was made 
Flashbacks post traumatic memories, bad events were in played 
I was lynched and betrayed, though I'm meant to be saved 
But through it all for my God, I will represent unafraid 
I never bit and never laid, hate they scent was like a blade 
My existence in the game others tried to prevent, but I stayed 
There's no pacifying, the whole world is dying 
But who's gonna be the one in Judah, to wake up that lion 
And break up that iron, fist of those eyeing 
Ness will keep trying, to persist in the defiant 
Meanwhile I'm just trying to fight with, the powers of my own vices 
Everybody walking round lifeless, they ain't knowing every second's priceless 
A civilization in crisis, wish that I could turn on a light switch 
Trying to get my name on the right list, and I bust at em cause I might miss 


My laughs - 4x 
Ha-ha, Sniper