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Artist: K-Rino 
Album:  Deeper Elevation 
Song:   Don't Stop 
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Ha, look at how they looking at you 
Can't you see, how they be looking at ya 
They so mad, look how they looking at ya 
Come on - 2x 

Now as I walk through the room, it's natural I suppose 
I can feel them haters looks, burning through my clothes 
But I disregard em, catch me a position on the wall 
Despite the envious and jealous, wishing that I fall 
I been studying since day one, yeah homie I got you 
You hate me cause you ain't me, and I thank the Lord I'm not you 
On the cool it's the truth, so I'm putting you on blast 
If my body is the car, then your hating is the gas 
Once you think it I just drink it, that gives me an advantage 
I fill up everyday, and take a cruise around the planet 
I never make it hard, I win by keeping it simple 
Is it that time of month, you must be on your man menstrual 
I know it's you, but don't worry I won't bloody you 
The thing that trips me out about haters, is how they study you 
I could give a reason, or I coulda listed fifty 
He probably mad, cause his girl wanted a picture with me so 

Don't stop talking, don't stop lying 
Keep on bashing, and I'll keep flying 
Keep being mad, and I'll keep laughing 
Cause y'all ain't even hating right, y'all need practice 
Y'all ain't even hating right, y'all need practice 
Cause I'm still hard, while you softer than a mattress 
Steady getting money, skills sharper than a cactus 
Y'all ain't even hating right, y'all need practice 

You could stand below, watch me elevate above 
I'm still smiling, so y'all gon' have to hate my love 
I'm the truth, like the needle on a lie test 
They mad, cause they don't understand the process of progress 
Answer this, how come you so upset that I'm blessed 
You don't like it blame God, he did it so why stress 
They concentrate on how I talk, act and how I dress 
Maybe they just wishing they was more like you K, I guess 
You ain't doing a good job, of being a hater fool 
Your grades is slipping, they gon' kick you out of hater school 
And throw you fools some moves, that's colder than three below 
You need to step it up, if you gon' be the CEO 
Wait, someone should help you rehabilitate 
Your mind state, from that hatred that you illustrate 
With your snake mouth, slug you can miss me 
I bet your daddy, hated on my daddy in the sixties 


Keep telling people that I'm trash, like you 'spose to 
Keep mean mugging, everytime you see my poster 
I'm still accomplishing thangs, that you could never hope to 
While I keep getting doper, you at home looking at Oprah 
You still slandering, but my status never drops 
Everytime you hate I get greater, I hope you never stop 
How do you hate homie, let me count the ways 
You the type of dude to tell the roaches, where I sprayed the Raid 
People are so afraid, check out what you said brah 
How he get a girl that fine, he gotta be paying her 
And when a woman hates, look how tight her mouth get 
Mad because you look good, and she can't afford your outfit 
Now you wanna disrespect, just to get your point across 
Sick because she shop at Macy's, and you barely going to Ross 
Keep talking down I like it, I'll never lie to ya 
Cause after God, I owe everything I got to ya 


Ha-ha aw man, at the end of the day 
I'ma need y'all, to keep doing what you doing 
Cause I don't know how I'd make it without ya 
Twenty some hours, love all around the world 
Love in the streets, man keep doing it man love you