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Artist: K-Rino 
Album:  The Day of the Storm 
Song:   No Energy 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

Block it out, they trying to channel 
Negativity, through you yeah 
They mad cause you doing good, (mad cause you doing good) 
So don't give em no energy, (no energy) come on 

To artificial entities, I give no energy 
I move transcendently, to kill is the remedy 
Everytime you striving, they setting out to stain you 
The ultimate aim, of their presence is to drain you 
Poisoning your dreams, planting doubt in the brain of you 
To try to make you feel, like your goals are unattainable 
They concentrate on your short comings, and try to surface em 
Then they judge your life, like they're living the perfect one 
Hypocritical, is the only label that fits you 
They privately slander, then smile when they with you 
They scorn you, and never have a dollar they can loan you 
Same ones to crown you, be the ones to dethrone you 
The way a man or woman, can hate on a friend 
Is the only thing that real people, can comprehend 
Hearts rusty, I always proved that you could trust me 
They must be, out to prosecute me unjustly 
It hits like a venomous bullet, that never miss us 
They slip in your ear, with slick sinister whispers 
And all that's a part of it, your spirit's absorbing it 
They rob you of ideas, and act like they thought of it 
They take minds and bruise em, it's deep envy that rules em 
The truth is, the energy that you're giving em fuels em 
So when they have nothing to turn out, they burn out 
Hater blocking got em in trans, like they was shermed out 
Hell, would you let somebody tell you 
That you could never excel, when everything they ever did fell through 
We dwell in positive elements, and deposit intelligence 
And never judge you, for past closeted skeletons 
Hate I don't need it, I can't see it or read it 
You could bring that bacon to me, but I'm not gon' eat it 
You can beat it, these heathens made it hard to keep achieving 
To win the ring, you gotta start grinding in preseason 
But while you grinding, don't nag about timing 
And remember it's a thin line, between venting and whining 
That's it, I hope it's sinking in as I'm spitting it 
Cause if God got some'ing for you, who can stop you from getting it no energy 

Don't give em no energy man 
What's up to my homie Jordan King out there in Alabama 
What up Milo, what up Chucky, Big Snipe in the building 
Re-Up Entertainment, kill the haters ha