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Artist: K-Rino 
Album:  The Day of the Storm 
Song:   I Miss 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

Let's go back, you can come with me 
Cause we all got a place, in the past 
That we like to go sometimes, I'ma share you mines 

When life was real simple man, I miss those days 
When it wasn't all about bills, and trying to get paid 
Free as a young bird, remember that great age 
When all you had to do, was go to school and make the grades 
My mama bought me every new toy, that came out 
And we all congregated, at my grandmother's house 
And when she tell you stop running in and out, that's what she mean 
And the only job you had, was to keep your room clean 
But soon things got deeper, develop romances 
And getting phone numbers, and slow dragging at dances 
And your partnas rolled with ya, right or wrong clean or dirty 
If your curfew was at ten, you begged for ten-thirty 
You was considered cool, if your game ran smooth 
And dudes got ranked out of the school, for fake name brand shoes 
And it was always funny, as long as it's not you 
Even through the tough times, I'm grateful I got through 

When we was young, and the only thing we did was laugh and play 
Making music hanging out in the hood, just to pass the day 
We didn't always have a lot of money, but that's ok 
Cause we was cool, just as long as our heads had a place to lay 

My first talent shows, and my high school crushes 
Liking the girl so much, I would catch two buses 
But the time spent with her, was well worth the odyssey 
And a good night kiss, was just like hitting the lottery 
Coming back around your homeboys, high capping 
And lying like a dog, when they asked you what happened 
My homies in my hood, is where I got my skill from 
When it was my turn to swing, I was nervous but still swung 
Connected to those memories, constantly gliding through me 
I miss Saturday morning cartoons, and karate movies 
And rapping on the street corners, battling everyday 
With MC Ice, G.T., Preppy J and Rapper K 
Hooping and playing football, I loved those times 
And hanging out with Guy, Mark, Chorusey, Michael and Brian 
And walking Sterling hallways, I always miss 
Selinsky Middle Green, 84 through 86 


I miss club Boomerang, hanging out chilling out 
And mobbing on Rosely, at LV's house 
The whole crew was chilling, my spot was the headquarters 
And not the kind of place, you want your sister or your daughter 
Me, Z, K.O., and A.C. Chill remember this 
Having video game wars, on Sega Genesis 
Shooting ball at McGregor Park, back when it was popping 
When X-Man had the rock, nobody could stop him 
And me and Gangsta Nip, we stayed in battle mode 
And me and Tech, DBX and Q was on the road 
Young Felon and Braindead, we hung like that 
And my homie Murder One, Greek and Klondike Kat 
And Dope-E and Point Blank, and PSK 
I thought them days would last forever, now they gone away 
Cause everybody got families now, and green to stack 
Still I wish I could rewind the tape, and bring em back come on 


Man, I just wanna shout out to everybody who 
Get them flashbacks sometimes, like me 
You know how we use to do it, just remembering 
All the fun you use to have, back in them days 
See your back in the days, might be different from mine's see 
Yours might be, the 70's and the 80's 
Yours might be 2004, might be 9-7 9-8 
Just depend, on when you came in the world 
But for me, them 80's and them 90's bro 
I wanna shout out to the homie KB Rock, R.I.P. 
The homie Maestro R.I.P., shout out to KS Jam 90.9 
Street Military, Filero and Grimm, Wicked Cricket 
Jazze Red, all the old school pioneers 
Big Melo, you know what it is