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Artist: K-Rino 
Album:  The Day of the Storm 
Song:   Doctor Jack 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

Right this way, make yourself comfortable 
Lay on this gurney, ha ha let me take you on a journey 
Oh this needle, oh pay no attention 
To this needle in my hand, look over there what's that 

My thoughts right with pause and excitement, that sparks lightening 
When I start typing, EMF monitors start spiking 
Raw mic torcher officer, forceable strife causer 
Human version of a DVR, actual life pauser 
Flammable head scanner, burn criminative grammar 
I see life, through the view of a thermal imaging camera 
Each word that sits beneath my wig's raw, bizarre 
Cause under six seconds, I fixed a million mix bars like jigsaws 
I turn cyborg, when I plug in mic cords 
I commits to right scores and absorb, go in circular light orbs 
My yawns resemble tiger like roars, leave wounds when I fight wars 
That look just like, infected spider bite soars 
When the beat's played, I participate in phrase relays 
My talent's infinite and unlimited, yours is prepaid 
I was drafted by a team of space renegades, and remade 
Got traded after three days, due to failure behave 
See when I drop the bomb, you should not respond 
That's a mismatch, like Brock Lesnar in the ogtogon with a soccer mom 
What I'm reading you, is not even new 
It was breeded two centuries back, squeezing the fluids through a time receding to 
My flesh is florescent, my essence perfected 
My chest is connected, so each lecture's directly ingested 
You ain't deep at all, you need to give me a call 
I speak to walls and people fall, and seek treatment like they was breathing ethanol 
Rap revolution, I'm never neutral to execute you 
I'll send a crucial mix of septic juice, with your Metamucil 
We strike mic hands, like tight pants and ignite strands 
Saliva that could span organs and glands, when the first bite lands 
My tribe is hard to describe, I built a ride and glide 
With eco-slide but it got denied, because it wasn't legalized 
Let me advise, I reenergize and revitalize 
By a hundred and five oversized, radioactive fireflies 
Beyond defcon's, the level I'm on 
Rip through your lungs, like the jaws of a Megalodon 
Wet you like Avion, that's polished in my lyrical knowledge 
Unidentified objects, guided by invisible pilots 
Well balanced symmetrical topics, I hit your section and shock it 
Just like a knife, in an electrical socket 
My creativity exists, in a perpetual pocket 
Defying physics, flying in multi-directional rockets 
I graduated from cerebral school, the same night I received a tool 
A golden microphone, powered by diesel fuel 
My pantheons sits is a mantelpiece, when it heats it can decrease 
Rap mass transits speak, faster than Durant's release 
If my message ain't impressing you, I'll make a greater spectacle 
Leave Texas, and long distance arm wrestle you 
My flow base is hard to locate, I pitch eight tons of hate 
Over the plate, I throw knuckle curves that go straight 
My right hand never landed, it glanced him 
Still polished like out of canyons, kidnapped aliens for whole planet ransoms 
Red beam your camp, till shirts get extremely damp 
Then make a clean vamp, into a coke bottle size I Dream of Genie lamp 
The pyromaniac, burning thoughts it rains with arson games 
The smoke that came off the flames, the thoughts in pain 
Relax to the hilt, the raps that I built 
Trigger chaotic variations, in the axio-tilt 
When K's in the mood, I be mic tazing a dude 
I won't eat, unless it's broken razor blades in the food 
Check the evidence, I inject permanent speech impediments 
Charge elements of malevolence, cyber intelligence 
Taking part in extreme events, high level experiments 
That seem intense, where team members switch fingerprints 
I spoke and tease, even dope MC's 
My out of body skill I show with these, while breaking in your house from overseas 
Intellect bench press, land masses and then wreck 
I trend set and deck rappers, with zebra kick chin checks 
We eat frost serve like orderves, cause we speak raw words 
I hit the ground so hard, that the car swerves