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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  I Killed the Devil Last Night
Song:   Amazing
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

*Priest rapping in autotune*

[Killah Priest]
I'm amazin', you a pagan
I heard most of y'all 33rd Masons
I'ma champion wit no opponents
I reign foreva, y'all reign is for a moment
No matter what Priest will always be here
Bullshit, y'all just drop
It's the end of your career
It's amazin', I'ma conqueror
I'ma warrior, I'ma Savior
Call the coroners
I'ma the Alpha, the Omega
A rapper's rapper, no one's greater
I'm amazin', I'ma nations, I'ma planets
Its evasion, the redeemer
The Creator, I'm the healer, the life taker
People will be happy someone stood up to y'all
And I will not lose till I devour you all
I'm amazin', the on ragin'
Prepared for war, kick down the door, that's what I'm wagin'
Look what you're facin'
God's glory, God's covenant, God's government
I'm ruler, I'm king, I'm talkin', why sing?
All the tomb I smell, all y'all doom
Head's hung in shame
I'ma do it just to prove wit y'all music is stupid
I loop it, my album will have columns
Where I'm nasty and ruthless
This for niggas in staircases
Or in front of computers in basements
The replacements is here
Here's a head for the souvenir
The rulers can cheer
Shut the fuck up, get out the way, move to the rear
Peace to niggas on blocks, the corners behind bars
Fuck these rap stars if they don't address me as God
Make 'em see a God, fuck ya tight jean flow
Y'all might seen doe, but y'all drag-queen hoes
I might step on ya pedicured toes
My berretta kills those wit lip gloss floss
Y'all bitch industry get tossed
Killah Priest dot com
Dot on ya legs, dot on ya arms
We clap ringers, while y'all snap fingers