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Artist: K-Otix
Album:  Do You Wanna Be an MC 12"
Song:   Questions
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Last time around we hit you with a big question
We asked do you wanna be an mc
And now with the past of times
There's still a lot of questions that have gone un-answered
There's not enough answers but so many questions

[Verse 1]
Who what when where why
Be an mc if you can't vocalize
When will you visualize with your third eye
Whey are you rappin if you don't qualify
Why do all rap guys try to be fly
Why Lie
Why you writing rhymes when you're high 
Who keeps it live from west coast to NY 
K to the O T to the I 
I to the X notify next of kin
When's the next trend
Who's the next Rakim
Who's the next greatest mc of all time 
Who's the next overrated mc to shine 
Who told these lady mc's that they were fine 
Why make a record when you're way past your prime 
How ya stackin dollars when ya barely droppin dimes 
How come all these hardcore brothers are straight lying
Who's the next wack cover act to get signed 
Stacked on the record rack for a limited time 
Why'd they push the price back to $9.99 
When the cd's supposed to be top line 

[Verse 2]
Where's the mc that's supposed to be tight with the rhyme 
Why on radio you say the same damn rhymes 
Why do female mc's rhyme half naked
Why use R&B to have a hit record 
Why does evrybody and their mama mc 
Why does new hot shit sound wack to me 
How am I a hater if I hate your cd 
How you more bout it bout it then Master P 

[Verse 3]
Why ya askin me 
What's up with all these biters 
Why do rap superstars hire ghostwriters 
Why does everybody seem to kinda sound the same 
Why can't these rappers try to stick with one name 
Why are so many careers ending soon 
How come everybody's tryin to sample showtunes 
Why do most artists make albums that don't move me
How come everybody thinks they gotta do a movie 
Why do underground rappers always get neglected 
How come everybody's comin with their last record 
How come wack rappers never know when to chill 
How come you don't make a name 'til you get killed 

[Verse 4]
How ya call yourself God when you talk senseless 
How are you a player when your album's on the benches 
Why drop a record with a song full of disses 
But when it comes to callin names ya actin like bitches
How ya goin platinum when ya hits are all misses 
Aand every song sounding like a wish list from Christmas 
Why mc's more concerned about getting checks 
Why mc's wonder why they get no respect 
Why do rap groups break up to go solo 
End their careers puttin out weak promos 
Why are all the wack rappers in it for the money 
Why all the wack rappers think their rhymes' funny 
Why do mc's freestyle too long 
Why their interludes sound better than their song

[Verse 5]
And how come on every music show that I know 
In every video you got a million cameos 
When artists gain a following within the underground 
Why's the next album got the crossover sound
Why do groups break up to break contracts 
Why do wack rappers try to make comebacks 
How do wack rappers sell records off the hype 
Why does everyone seem to look and sound alike 
Why is everyone on everybody else's cuts 
Why is everyone on everybody else's nuts 
Why are most of ya'll even still in this profession 
There's not enough answers for so many questions