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Artist: k-os
Album:  Take You There (S)
Song:   Take You There
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I was standing all alone out in the rain
And you gave me joy that took away the pain
And now your saying you're not so really sure
But you've heard these words so many times before

We can be down, for forever and ever and a day
I won't play around
Love you for always
Cuz I feel you!

All I think, is your love that's real
You know I take you there
Yeah, what
You know I
You know I take you there

So I said my love for you is not for sale
Cuz to them love is nothing but a game
I remember I thought I'd never find
Someone true enough to elevate my mind

So we can be down forever and ever and a day
I won't play around
Love for always
(Cuz I feel you baby)

All I feel is love that's real
Baby release your head
Cuz I can take you there

You know I.. what..
You know I can take you there
You know I What?
Come on I..
You know I take you there
You know I, what..?

Check it

Let me ignite the whole fight
Baby, I get slab when the spot get blown
Yo, my seed was sown
When I met you, you was bouncing hard
Word to god
Let any of these niggas knows, no nigga can pull your card
Check it
How many times you gotta be diss another fella
Cuz He tried to play you rather chill, accpaella
But I'm smart enough a hoe
When I see it
And baby girl I check your flow
You never be it
It's plain to see
You're not the same to me
So we manifest love to the same degree
No more wonder the way I am when I'm
Kickin' it with my
Some rows be all good some be all..
But, I'm metaphysical
Spiritual individual
Critical with residuals
Loving you was difficult
But I.. wanna take you there
Forever like a hip hop song
Baby, tougher than leather

Forever ever and a day
I wont play around
Love for you for always