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Artist: k-os
Album:  The Anchorman Mixtape
Song:   I Wish I Could Believe
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Ron Burgundy]
"Oh, well when in rome..
Please go on..
Do, as the romans do…
It's an old expression
Oh, I've never heard of it…

I wish I could believe...

21 gun salute
Fact it's not an opinion, it's the truth
I was born in the east side of town
With a crown
With my mother holding me down
And a Billy Bragg CD
Summer days at the pier
Whisper in my ear
Tretorns, she rocked the tear
I wish i could take you there
I really can
I'm first born insect son
Like adam ant
Who feeds the champ
Who sheds the light like a lamp
Shade shine blockers
Try to discombobulate my life, but ok but ah…
I got it made like special ED
Got the special education
So check out this special dedication
Another trick up my sleeve
I wish y'all could do things I could believe

I wish I could believe...
I wish I could believe...
I wish I could believe...

Oh [x3]
World sick
Always first pick on the street ball court
Never been to court
Never had a gun
But I bet my sure short 58 mic goes blowwww
How ya like me now?
I guess that would depends how
Much I love myself from the crowds
White stripes
Only show up on a black background
So people check it out

Yippie ya-yo
First with the hippy fly flow
Then I was jiggy-GI Joe
But then I was awake on sleeping beauty
Then I got myself singing saying hi-ho
I didn't mean it like that
I'm really really sorry you had to see it like that
But ah…
If you think about a thought
You'd forsee
That there is something up there beyond belief

I wish I could believe...
I wish I could believe...
I wish I could believe...