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Artist: k-os
Album:  The Anchorman Mixtape
Song:   Beauty Is a Loaded Gun
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Ron Burgundy]
"Do you really wanna know what love is?
yes, tell us
more than anything in the world Ron,
well its really quite simple
its kinda like.."

Gotta cut it loose
Cuz it's summer time

Cut it loose
No excuse
It's high noon
You've been in the tomb
In the dark
With the broom
See the past
It's just your future first draft
Get class
And then get crass
Been in the cut
So deep
I ionize the sheep
Yo Pete!
You gonna do the same thing you done before
Free for more
And snoop around your front door

Wwhat up y'all?

I gotta cut it loose
Cuz it's summer time

Oh, quit the job for sho'
Let the wind blow take you where you wanna go
Wherever I lay my hat that's my home
Crazy dreams on
Laser beams on
Black man with the permanent tan
Mic in my hand
I spend a hundred grand on a bottle of wine
But it didn't make me blind
I still see the signs and
Rays of sunshine

What up y'all?

I gotta cut it loose
Cuz it's summer time