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Artist: K'naan
Album:  My Life is a Movie; The Dusty Foot Philosopher
Song:   Smile
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What's up world, beautiful people, boys and girls
We about to take you on a journey, my man
Why don't you introduce yourself to the people?

Salaam means peace, peace is good, this is K'naan the Dusty Foot Philosopher
Yo, join me on my journey, this is music, my music
And interpretations of other musics that I enjoy and love 
And, um, this is called 'My Life is A Movie,' this whole record
But this song, the first one, is called "Smile," you know
An integral part of our community. 
We smile while we're bleedin,' you know? Check it out

Yeah, my tragedy's different, my life's deep, listen
Gotta bail, I'm limpin', walked outta hell's kitchen
Why bother cherishin' my past?  It's everythin' 
Wrong, and my arrogance, walk down the stairs pissin' 
((cop us/coppers)) cause they're bitchin'
Life is unfair, singin' blues in my rap, drippin' 
ooze out the blood, sinkin' deep down to earth
thinkin' leave out a ((nerp??herb?merc? chicken))
I should run, forfeit and everything I know, listen
I was (The misdirected) I was (The least expected)
Hop on (And get rejected) Walk on (And feel neglected)
I feel (Like I'm the message) Unheard (But I'm the message)
I'm the last prolific remaining offer from the gutter
(SHOT!) Was my girlfriend (When?) When we was younger
(Her) I was scarred, yo (Bullets) I survived though
(Death) It came easy (Truth) The games needs me
Never let 'em see me down, smile while I'm bleedin'

(Smile) When you're struggllin' (Smile) When you're in jail	
(Smile) When you dead broke (Smile) And the rent's due
(Smile) You ain't got friends now (Smile) And no one knows you
Never let 'em see you down, smile while you bleedin'

(Smile) When he leaves you (Smile) Cause girl, he needs you
(Smile) Plenty single mothers cry the tears you do
(Smile) Despite the war (Smile) Despite the pain, yo
Never let 'em see you down, smile while you bleedin'

To my man currently imprisoned, I can't speak your name
It hurt me that you never listened, it can't be the same
I had to grow my intuition, had me deep in pain
Cause I knew my options were either broke or the prison chains
I can't do it, I can't see it, look damnit, I can't blow it
I got a judges tellin' me my life's key, they will throw it
Uh-uh, no sir, I plan to have a chauffeur
And it seems to me this chopping crack is really going nowhere
Therefore (I'm resurrected) They call me (The poor Injection)
I infect you with the real, the dusty-feet-philoso-hectic
I spit, so sick, I skid out, I'm fallin', I'm shit outta luck 
And I'm trapped but I'll get out
Can you help me? I'm goin' crazy
My mind plays tricks and I beat on floors like Bushwick
My fists bloody and blistered, a pair like I'm ballistic
I just stare at the red and smile while I'm bleedin'


There are a few things you gotta take into account
I'm not an entertainer, I've never been a clown
I was born where the mothers give birth while they frown
I'd walk with the kids that would bbbrrraaaa a sound, uh
I never really thought I'd make it to fourteen
And anybody wanted to fight, I was most keen
Plus I had a little temper, it was often foreseen
Yo, say somethin' bout my momma I'd shoot ya gut out clean
But, uh, ya gotta keep in mind that I grew up in Mogadishu
The only law was gun law, and we don't walk with a pistol
You get laughed at for being so insensitive to the environment
Cause how will you be heard when them big boys is firin'?
War is no place for a child
Especially if he's rollin' with an AK and a smile
He had witnessed his own mother bloody in a towel
But please, please, never let 'em see you down, smile while you bleedin'