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Artist: Kool Keith & Nancy Des Rose
Album:  White Label Mix Series
Song:   Supreme Sound
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kool Keith]
One! Regala low down
The magnificent!
I'll be gettin on in a little bit
Wait a while

[Nancy Des Rose]
Everyone likes me I got the funky kind of beat
I know you feel the heat movin in your feet
Don't wanna stop but you hearin pretty girls like me like a sound that tweaks
I get my hair done and my nails done too
Fly gear lookin cute, call the girls up we're about to party
Rosie, Delcia, Pat, Nicole fly model chicks
Dancin, havin fun, glasses in our hand
The boys steppin out to bump, with they hands in the air
Wherever I go fun is there
My sound is the hype, keeps you off the pipe
Got you on my mind like oxygen tonight, when my jam is in your ear

[Chorus: Kool Keith - singing]
Yo you're lookin nice
She, stared at me twice
Lookin all my eyes (supreme sound)
Yo you're lookin nice

[Nancy Des Rose]
Jumpstart my track into your sound system
You look like a true player, females wanna bounce at the club
to avoid So Unique, and the guys think I'm cute
Nobody wants to dance to the flute, my beats are jumpin
Oops! Watch your breath girls
Brothers movin up on you get into the groove
And make it move, dance 'til you drop
Move those limbs side to side
Clap your hands 'til you feel the vibe through your nervous system
Makin you shake, I can relate
It's my track and it's fat