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Artist: Kool Keith & Nancy Des Rose
Album:  White Label Mix Series
Song:   Shorty
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash
[Kool Keith] New Nancy Des Rosey-ay
[Nancy Rose] Keith you can hold this track down for me
I'm goin upstairs to change, I gotta get on stage
Aight? I'll be back later

[Kool Keith]
My commodes are larger, I call rappers to look at the feces
800 pounds, my pet tiger feed you whack niggaz a bowl of doo doo
Anything you play my pee will stain
Yellow spots from the pilgrims cause pain
George Westinghouse started the light that beamed on the mouse
Imagine an apartment in Riverdale
with five Belve' bottles with defecation on the couch
Soiled clothes in the hamper warned everybody including your hypeman
Global maximum urine piss on the core of the city
Leavin New York police department with Pampers, with KF's chicken baby
My Uncle's Colonel Sanders, watch the mixtape niggaz don't even know yet
Pressin up homosexuals that ain't even pro yet
I vomit on most rappers gettin off a private jet
Australian orango' tango, Akita dog Asian that's my private pet
Tighten up in Jersey kid writin some ol' cow shit, while you watchin the Nets
Your top performance is low to me, your chihuahua that's your apex
I respect the Taco Bell dog better than you, cause he's cleverer than you

Shorty, just take off your clothes
Take 'em off (I wanna take it off)
Shorty, take off your clothes
Take 'em off (I wanna take it off)

[Nancy Des Rose]
Palm trees, blue seas, ships, outfits
I dip right into some jumpin mix
Twist and flip it over to the other side
The people say OHH-LA CHU-LA
I'm hot to trot, Hollywood can't stop what I got
Like special student of pot
A remix recipe, go back to your shop
Inspect your beats, I'm recreating the streets, hits that fit
You gotta go home to take that Prozac
Cause your shit is whack, you lack the ac'
I come with what attacks, don't counter contract
I stay packed with fly tracks, flavors everywhere
I dare you to try and fly with me full speed ahead
You got no deal, I'm the real
Down Melrose on a shoppin spree simply for me
You see some fly shit, made just for me
On an island in the Highlands, you can't reach me, you can't teach me
I'm way out in the Pacific, Atlantic, the Red Sea
It's all just a breeze, a real, a meal, I heal
Open all the seals


[Verse 3 - unlisted MC]
Yo... yo, yo, yo
Let me take you there, UHH, UHH
C'mon, bash the club, we don't care
Strippers lapdance, shakin they tail, it's a crazy night
We take 'em out like every night
Let's go, that's how we do, back to the city
Crack backs real fast in the quickie
I know you like that, G-strings come off
with your black tights, we can go nuts
Slap that ass... UHH
We can get drunk, smack that ass
Those high boots
Full length fishnet black body suits
A sexy tan (yeah)
I'm a big fan, big fan baby
Chicks love me, call me a big man
A freak by nature, don't be a hater
Drink it up right out of the alligators
Yo, we in the elevator
Gettin naked, Bonaventure
They can see us, baby don't fake it