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Artist: Kool Keith & Nancy Des Rose
Album:  White Label Mix Series
Song:   Release 101 (School'd)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kool Keith]
1-2! Caught you motherfuckers in the studio
You know, this ain't Julio
Fuck around, you smokin the cooty though

Fuck you niggaz with sports shirts, you niggaz rap the worst
I piss and take a shit on your verse
In front of your family. stick my cock in your nurse
You better buy the ass, stop tryin to get the pussy first
Cornballs in Symphony Hall, I stand proud and tall
Look at your wife, the bitch is trife, face like a grey mice
I rock the sheepskin, take a picture of me twice
Suck my dick, congratulate me like LL and Slick Rick
Fuck the movie flicks
Buy your girl a jersey, some Yankees tix
Your phony-ass DJ let the gorilla mix
Whip his ass when he come home at six
Yo~! Bring some girls, no cock and dicks
Gt your heroin, I got your fix
That's the mansion, your favorite stars' naked flicks
Let you cheat like Eric Bonet
Pull my dick out, fuck Halle Berry and Renee
Most of you cats like the men, y'all look the other way
Leave your girl shittin on the toilet, walkin the one way
The peanut butter way, you hang with them pissy asses
Girls with deceivin looks and masks-es
I'm the type of guy to shit on your Armani glasses
You know~! You buy the case by the pound
Look at your motherfuckin pie face, look at you turn round
Go put on your fuckin cap and gown
I'll let you get on stage, I'll watch you try to fuckin get down
Yo I'm in this motherfuckin piece, I'm in this motherfucker to release
You niggaz know the shit, you niggaz know who's legit
Fuck around I'll look at you and look at you and make you have those big tits
Fuck around your face full of zits
Look around you can't rap you the fuckin pits
I hate this shit, you fake in this shit
You ain't takin this shit, you ain't doin nothin, you ain't earthquakin this shit
Look around, you know you cats how you sound
Fuck the sports gear, fuck the game
Fuck the shit yo I put you to shame
You won't even know your motherfuckin name, after I finish wit'chu
I'll end the spinach wit'chu, I'll put innings to you
Fuck around make the game and I'll bring the linens to you
You can't dress for shit, you won't test for shit, you ain't the best for shit