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Artist: Kool Keith & Nancy Des Rose
Album:  White Label Mix Series
Song:   Out of Sight
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Nancy Des Rose] + (Keith)
Yeah, Nancy Des Rose on this track (Nancy Des Rose)

I like 'em lazy, I buy my panties from Macy's
Coach bag no Adams and Facy's
Fuck these donuts, everybody's pastries
Excuse me dummy, man won't you save me?
The pub is packed, movin through a tight squeeze
No cigarette smoke, high it's a cool breeze
Hot and sweaty, girls wanna show and tease
V.I.P., guys rollin all the trees
Girls and all, surrounded by a bunch of MC's
Huff Lee's thai, Faith watch under your sleeve

[Chorus: Nancy Des Rose] + (Keith)
Girls are out tonight (buy me a drink baby)
Girls are out tonight (can you buy me a drink baby?)
Girrrrrls are out toniiiight (can you buy me a drink baby?)
Girls are out tonight

[Kool Keith]
Can I mad glow, with a blown out afro
Mad crow, custom, head to toe
Passin Mo', sucker what, pass and go
I'm askin yo, fools want it high or low
DJ spin, girls call me dynamo
Dinosaur, yeah what stay on the floor
Open your pores, mixtape play in your stores
White boys ride, six-pack, guzzle them Coors
Plaques tonight, no beer and sex tonight
Rolls Royce comin through the car wash
Chaffeur baby, it's gettin waxed tonight
You cartoons need to drop the mic
You're carnival type, with carnival hype
You're on a tightrope, thinkin what the carnivore like {*echoes*}


[Nancy Des Rose]
My name is Nancy, I like everything fancy
I hang out, shoppin from Delancey
My girls uptown, one name is Candy
Her brother's a baller, the block calls him Andy
I'm drivin a Benz, rollin up with Stan D
Sippin Midori, never, brandy

[Kool Keith]
Can I creep though, move around when you sleep though
You know the forty-deuce hangin at the peep show
Kenny bro, out of sight yo
Out of sight pro, style
Stop and go, measure to measure, verse to verse
Curse to curse, from best to worst