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Artist: Kool Keith & Nancy Des Rose
Album:  White Label Mix Series
Song:   Hey Mami
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus: Nancy Des Rose]
Hey papi, where you goin papi?
Hey mami, where you goin mami?
{*speaking French, then "Vamos a bailar" 2X*}

Hello, what's up Rosie?
Yeah I cashed my check yesterday and woke up early this morning to go shopping
Yeah girl, I dropped the kids off at my mother's house
And I was OUT, to the Bronx, to Fordham, found a cute blouse
Then I went to 34th Street and got me some hot-ass jeans with sequins all over it
Mmm~! Then I took the A train to West 4th Street
And found some sexy stilletos in the Village
Get yourself ready for TONIGHT GIRL, I worked hard all week
Classes are done, now Saturday night's for me
Tony S put me down on the guestlist for Club Exit
It's gon' be off the hook tonight!!
Yeah girl, I'm tired of all this shoppin, I'm done
I'm gettin a bite to eat, gonna take a quick nap
Then I'll be ready at 8, I'll check you later!


[Nancy Des Rose]
Hello, did you call Regina? Did you call Janet?
What's up with Ada is she goin out with us?
Don't forget to call Carlos, he's got the boomin system in his Yukon!
I wanna test my track on his bumpin system, I put this on a mixtape
I'ma call Heather and the girls and see when they'll be ready
Cause we're goin to 20 Inch Deep
Yeah, I'ma call Joey too, see if he's takin his Benz out tonight
Cause we're all meeting, in front of the Pizza Palace on Dykeman Street
Aight, check you out later


{*more French and Spanish*}

[Chorus] with different Spanish and French