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Artist: Kool Keith & Nancy Des Rose
Album:  White Label Mix Series
Song:   Closed Doors
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kool Keith]
If you like, bein - if you gonna be teachin for this song
(There's different ways you could do it)
It may not be, it may like KRS just preachin
But there's somethin entertainin to people like y'know
  I got the girls on the dancefloor!
It's like, what, where you wanna go, preach like y'know well
In the spirits of the time, and the time and see
It'll be alternative or you can be...
regular R&B where it's still like y'know
  Girls get the night, got the long hair!

[Nancy Des Rose]
Girls this track's for you
We go out at night with our girls, wearin our stripper outfits
Just to front all night like a flower arrangement
The truth is, we wanna take our clothes off and get
nasty after sweatin and dancin all night
So represent ladies and let the brothers know what you really want
Behind closed doors (behind closed doors) twinkle twinkle big star
How I want you so hard up inside of me so far
Ooh you know I want some more, come inside my candy store
And don't forget to close the door
I wear my boots up to my thighs, my booty shorts come up so high
My cleavage lets you see my size
I pull my thongs off to the side and let you take a peak inside
I'm tired of my pocket rocket, I really need you in my socket
I wanna pose so you can see how nasty I can truly be
I love to flirt, and tease you too
I wanna dance and, strip for you
Let's turn the strobelight on tonight, a show for you behind closed doors
At night I sit around and wish that you could, really lick my... clit
Behind, closed doors (behind closed doors)
Behiiind, closed doorsssss (behind)
Now that's enough of all this chat
Come watch me now as I do my act
No premies please, just stay cock hard as I begin to, shake my ass
Let's, rub that oil on my skin it's time for you, and that personal lapdance
As I bounce and glide up and down your pants
If you pull my thongs down to the side, don't forget to finger that sweet spot
Girls you know, so tell the truth, all I want is to get, wet for you
We're not shy so please do try and take some pictures
Here and there as I bend over the, bed railing
I know you see my slit's drippin wet and it's still not time for us to play
Since, foreplay's your way to fame
Don't act so lame baby you know the game
I wanna spread my cheeks so far so you can glide your tongue up and down my
thong, now kneel down and pull, your drawers
Cause we're about to get down raw before you slip between my lips
Bury your face between my breasts, kiss and suck my, button knobs
Now you see them you got them nice and firm
Let's exercise our fantasy and 69 'til you bust your, cream all over me
Behind, closed doors I just want you, I need you
I need you, behind closed I want you, I need you
Got to have you, behind, closed doors

{*Kool Keith and Nancy Des Rose ad lib to fade*}