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Artist: Kool Keith & Nancy Des Rose
Album:  White Label Mix Series
Song:   27 Teams
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kool Keith]
There's more whack shit than a little bit
Motherfuckin football players tryin to rhyme
Basketball niggaz, fuck the rap game, don't waste your time
Stay off the court, get off the fuckin football field
My rap shit is real
ABC News got you gassed up
Fucked up from the mouth up
Put your assets, Bentleys and houses
Take off your jerseys, grab the mics
Shut the fuck up, flow for flow
Show for show, bitch go for go
Them everyday motherfuckers you listen to
Won't help you when motherfuckers rippin you
From asscrack to ankles, when I'm dissin you
Hold the toilet bowl I'm pissin too
Make your white Persia rugs turn yellow, HELLOOOOOOO~!
You fucked up with a commercial-ass nigga, soft as Jello
You motherfuckers head back to jazz, somethin more mellow
Shit on your telephones and change your zip code zones
Reptile alien motherfuckers
Gorillas comin toward me, I shit on you clones
And defecate twice in your ice cream cones
Let a Mexican tell you, "Why did you try to embarass yourself
and rap against, Kool Keith homes?"
Take your basketballs and stick it up your ass
Take your footballs and stick it up yo' ass
I'll battle 27 teams, all the way to New York for 5 hours first class
Give your whack-ass friends an enema
Your girlfriends witness my shit, with a buddy pass
I concentrate, break down motherfuckers fast
G-string niggaz, cover your ass, dumb-ass bitches be quiet
"My boyfriend's all that! He's 245 pounds worth of muscle
He can rap fast," happy new year BITCH, kiss my ASS
You know the kid, I'm Bill BLASS
Fuck around, you ride the GAS
All you motherfuckers comin out here for the awards 'n shit
Fucking go back home