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Artist: Kool Keith and TomC3
Album:  Project Polaroid
Song:   The Overviewer
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

"The man that gets out of bed is accustomed to having the problems of the world
 upon his massive shoulders, whether asleep or awake. For this man, 
 opening the window in his pajamas, is secretly implying (KEITH) needs help!"

[Kool Keith]
Bigger than rock ever was
The overnight sensation, with Ella Fitzgerald, Mahalia Jackson
At the Cotton Club, the limo's comin up to Harlem
USA, the black tie affair
Diana Ross and the Supremes, Patti LaBelle was there
Only 18 in a Ford, the Rudy Baker with Elliott Ness from The Untouchables
Y'all remember that?
I had the custom pinstripe suit, me and Frank Sinatra
Wore green in the crowd, everybody couldn't cope
That's right, the US army, America's #1 knight, CBS television
The camera's on me and Bob Hope
The beige cashmere, the top poetry in the country
Shakin hands with the Pope... YEAHHH~!

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
The overviewer, chastizer
Mind tantalizer, sun beamin down on your visor
(Uh, uh, uh-uh, uh! Uh, uh, uh-uh, uh!)

[Kool Keith]
The overviewer...
The most energetic, the popular extravaganza
The parade at Wrigley Field
With Lyndon B. Johnson, based on the true story
The small cable networks couldn't cover, such a huge territory
Way before the Hamptons and Eric Clapton
Kool Herc was 11 years old in Jamaica
Howard Cosell, was a baby Jocko, wasn't even rappin
Only me and Eisenhower
Before the wheels was invinted, the first guy to create electrical power
Y'all was in the Boy Scout camp, with a oil lamp
Way before the tennis classics, models in the runways
21 trucks me, the original, black lady from Star Trek
Watchin Evil Kneivel, land on the ramp
It gets no bigger than this, the lifestyle, ridiculous


[Kool Keith]
The overviewer...
Change your diapers baby, you saw the cameo
Me on McHale's Navy, my book the #1 best seller
The horse ranch in Morocco, 3 nights in the Hilton
Elvis Presley walked up to me, the lobby's full of paparazzi
The greatest ever brings you to Chicago
I love the music and Sam Cooke and flyin on to tomorrow
Dinner for 3, Akai wasn't made yet
Babe Ruth bought the Rolls Royce, it was NBC, not the MPC
Photographers, all around Martin Luther King
The Nobel Peace Prize, chuck grounds
Father James did the split in the tuxedo
Entertainer of the year; I receive letters by the BILLIONS!
I thank the people of the world, including Washington D.C.
The President can see me (the President can see me) YEAHHH~!


[Kool Keith]
The overviewer...