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Artist: Kool Keith and TomC3
Album:  Project Polaroid
Song:   Digital Engineering
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kool Keith]
Flow from France, invented by John Carmichael
Maker of the fifth wheel bicycle
Created, designed by engineers on pencil
Transportation, X-Files with X styles
New age unlimited presenter of the aerodynamic next styles
Creative make up the best core of top technology, digital engineering
System 4000 megabytes
Enlightened to the Columbia space shuttle counter, with mega hype
Blue focus range is true focus range
Anything out of human eyesight, do focus strange
Rocketship syndrome, gravity control
Walkin above the moon, diggin above the rocks
Finding metals mixed with cranium and coal
Digital steering, formatic piss~!
Illuminated windows, adrenalating rush
With gusto wind, ship expansion I must go in
Digital steering

Digital engineering, all positive hearing
Open circuits, equilibirums
Digital engineering, all positive hearing
Open circuits, power steering

[Kool Keith]
Astrology, biology, my encyclopedia mindframe moves 2 truckloads of propane
Able to control the unvain with remarkable wingspan
And air flight; yo, that's subterranean
Korean tactics, motivate with action
Aluminum concentrated, energetic kinetic perfected segments in testaments
Upshift slow range with mo' range
Parallel form heatseek missiles
Illustrate I'm more than warm in hot pursuit
Digital steering


[Kool Keith]
Fast paced, destiny location scenery
Flow gravitation fly high in the sky like aviation
Dark galaxy, force spectrum transpose space spectrum
4-1-1 express, 4-1-1 at best
Titanium {?} rest on my chest
Enable me to geometry angle West
Nuclear power, I'm takin a nuclear shower
For a nuclear hour, fools I devour
Destroy the mechanics, run off like manics


"This is a death ship. These poor creatures are what's left of the crew.
 Kept alive by means inside them, I can't understand.
 They're more robot than human."