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Artist: Kool Keith f/ Marc Live, Raaddrr Van, TR Love
Album:  The Legend of Tashan Dorrsett
Song:   Track Runner (TR Love Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kool Keith]
Hey hey heyyyy
Shine... I'm 'bout to get on

It's easy to write a verse for the condition
Hold you cats in front of the bowl
I stutter step with the local act
who's doin all the pissin on the top
head with the nitroglyc'
with robotic mechanical, with the nitro fist
Superhero, Dr. Zero, countin Robert Deniros
American cash and euro, I'm strictly biz-o
Choppin it up at Quizno's
Whatever, for sure, verses spread around like kids no?
If they really wanna come
I get which Bo, quarterbackin they team
that can't throw when I land in Sweden
Get off with the pass where the heat throw
and let the heat go
Chuck Green, it's all about the meat though
and how I speak so
Ask the chocolate factory I closed down
Full cups with cocoa
I'm comin so dope like Muhammad in rope-a-dope
Emcees, get the product son they smoke the coke
Some grab the mic and choke
Many go home and hope

[Chorus 2X: Marc Live]
Move, shake somethin pop somethin
Do your thing girl break somethin, it ain't nothin
Cause after the show the hotel next city do it again
Next time bring two of your friends

[Marc Live]
Get drunk, get smoked up (uh-huh)
Get fucked up, get high get crunk (let's go)
Take clothes off, club goes off (uhh!)
Against security, shots go off
Stumblin, to the back of the jump off
Celebrity acts and sexual tactics
You see the fact is, we do this e'ry night
Sleep 'til noon, wait 'til a full moon
Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker on the floor
Open bottles, America's Top Model
Tyra won't bother, cause last week in Vegas I got her
Sittin on a coke bottle
The model, drink everything you can swallow
Smoke kush skunk, chase it down, gin & tonic
Magnums, lifestyles, we do it +Wildstyle+
Bodies hit the floor, Drowning Pool, bar four


[Verse Three]
What you think if I went gat blastin
Killin clown ass emcees who come with the trash shit
  They don't understand how to make classics
  I've mastered, the flow, it's fuckin timeless
Yeah, styles beyond, you can't fuck with this
I might bar hang emcee, to a side shit
I rip your brain, one eye hangin
Your nose busted, your lip still danglin
  Walk into the Palladium, arena or stadium
  Been playin 'em, while your girl wanna be my friend
  I intend, to offend, right or wrong, I'ma win
  Then begin to kill niggaz just like a villain
Yeahhhh~! The crowd is hyped, they heads up close to the speaker
This bitch that stuff her blouse now took off her sneakers
They gettin naked, I jumped off the stafe for a second
  Nah God, chill God, not yet!