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Artist: Kool Keith
Album:  The Legend of Tashan Dorrsett
Song:   Tashan Dorrsett (Domingo Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kool Keith]
Yeah, Tashan Dorrsett
You know it

You don't wanna mess with the pampered kid
Pissy Huggy wets wet up your car seat
Dude I do best, Dougie East
Call me the rugrat urinater, Dougie West
I could be your nightmare, defecate with the diapers
Super baby with the Enfamil formula
Defecate on top of your chest, woman warm up the bottle
with titty milk in the El Dorado
The Fisher Price rattle's my motto, ride the Tonka truck
Down to stay in your area, drop a used diaper on your vocals
You other marshmellow head kids don't wanna play, in my area
Break the toys, that thought they was tough
Pull the face off the Scottish Terrier, the merrier

Tashan Dorrsett..
All the ladies get wet
Back and forth (back and forth)
Y'all feel the pet
Tashan Dorrsett (Tashan Dorrsett)
All the ladies get wet
Back and forth (back and forth)
Y'all feel the pet

[Kool Keith]
Merry Christmas, I've been a psycho little infant
There's nothing for me under the tree
Just milk and PediaLite, with pedia hype
Pullin bowls from the under the sink
Climb out the crib and smack you if you turn out the light
Pour my apple juice all over your DAT
and pee on top of your Neumann mic
My babysitter ain't home, I'ma show you my ass tonight
Get into the department store, with other kids Kay*Bee Toys
Old people, they can't catch us
We gotta run fast tonight
Don't let me do this at the worst tonight
A tantrum jackass I curse at you, bubblegum packed
in my mouth like a baseball player
Puttin lollipops in the DVD machine
I work at upsettin, follow me around the house


[Kool Keith]
Crawl across your face, to vomit on your neck
My bib is gone, I get atomic on your neck
Slobber on your forehead
Cut the lights off, I still won't go to bed
You can't figure it out
The day when when I pulled out the pots and pans
for super talent and secret skill
You never find out, how I got out the playpen
Spit Carnation, your black pants again
I'm worser than Ken
I'll punch him in the stomach and he's 10
Other children walkin away
Don't have to be my friend

[Chorus] - 1.5X

[Kool Keith]
Tashan Dorrsett {*echoes*}