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Artist: Kool Keith f/ Chem
Album:  The Legend of Tashan Dorrsett
Song:   The Real Beginner (Ariel Caban Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kool Keith]
Yeah! Y'knahmsayin? Tashan Dorrsett
It's all about Tashan

You think you tough?
Like you got lyrics written from the state of prison
You lookin like a warm-up guy
with another man, with a bra and panties
dropped to your ankles in the kitchen
A sweet guy like you never listened let me urinate on the drum
My pee cover your neck, defecation mode
Squattin on your left shoulder's my mission
Remove the waste off your shirt
Cream stop you up like butter get the taste off your shirt
Seek more, ask your whack-ass man about the hospital work
Security hold the bottles back
Vocal expert, heavy commando team, your janitor's hurt
We piss on your concert, diarrhea cover your cars
Your toilet won't flush, leave turds in your 10 bedroom house
I see how you network

[Chorus: Kool Keith]
The real beginner, TOP (the real beginner), T-O-P
T-O-P, the real beginner (the real beginner) TOP! T-O-P
(Top! T-O-P) The real beginner! Top, T-O-P (Top T-O-P)
The real beginner (the real beginner) top, T-O-P (Top T-O-P)
The real beginner TOP (the real beginner) T-O-P

How I define how I live my life is different than yours
I write the present prophecies, I wasn't seekin awards
I was the four corner chief, "Off the Wall" like one glove
Puff piff, be out like Whodini with "One Love"
I'm out to conquer the world, plan to live prosperous
Plant seeds on one Earth, and live monogomous
Strive for perfection, two steps forward and three back
Skatin on these devils but they aimin at my kneecaps
I formulate the proper procedure, my flow is fever
I mortally wound, and conversate out with wild goons
I silence your camp like boy he's at Crystal Lake
Watch positive flip, now they set off for easy bake
Fourth quarter score, you niggaz a court order away
from eviction out the PJ's
Now I'ma maintain, relax, kick facts about black kings
and queens who pull string; that's how the team bring home cream

[Chorus] w/ ad lib variations

[Kool Keith]
Big terror alert~! I shitted in your white Louis Vuitton bag
My piss stains'll cover up the dashboard
I wipe my ass on your armrest
I didn't mean to change the air condition temperature
Your wife clean out my defecation in the back
of your man's Jag
Tough stains nigga you need detergent
Ask your girl for a rag
Spot stain remover
Go ahead clean behind your back seat with a pooper scooper
Fly bitches, pick up my shit on the windows
It's all brown stuff I stick up
with my shit before I hit the car wash and flip
What's that on the straw? Be careful motherfucker
You see you got shit on your lips
You fuckin with a guy walkin around with shorts on
with army and a t-shirt, yeah, bustin out three clips
You pay for the steak motherfucker?
You actin like you puttin up lipstick on a bitch
Grab your check, leave the table full of food
I ate already, leave the waitress with some God damn tips

[Chorus] w/ ad libs, repeats and variations