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Artist: Kool Keith
Album:  The Legend of Tashan Dorrsett
Song:   The Legend of Tashan Dorrsett (Prelude)
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In a world, led by corruption
Economic crisis is bringing mankind to his darkest side
In these times of struggle, betrayal
and unlimited wackness, stands a hero
A king without a crown who vowed to use his amazing abilities
to protect his fellow man, art, and culture
Tashan Dorrsett with a reputation for being genuine and respectable
is representing the reality from New York City
Dealing with daily life situations
The essence of urban living to its all time fullest
Block after block, brick buildings, the hot sun
Bronx's most thrilling MC is walking through the ghetto
Facing struggles, and fighting against evil forces
who are attempting to kill creativity
divide the community, and crush freedom
He decided to raise an army of his time
Delivering lyrical ammunition
and spitting game wisdom, over deadly beats
Kool Keith, a/k/a Tasha Dorrsett
Marley Marl, TR Love, Domingo, The Cartel
Junkaz Lou, Agallah Don Bishop, and the mystery
voodoo lord known as Big Sche Eastwood
They've gathered, to protect Earth's finest gem
Hip-Hop's mightiest heroes united against a common thread
On that day the legend of Tashan Dorrsett was born