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Artist: Kool Keith f/ Marc Live
Album:  The Legend of Tashan Dorrsett
Song:   Glamour (DJ Junkaz Lou Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Tashan... Dorrsett
You ever try to wonder
through the rain and thunder
You ever try to wonder

[Kool Keith]
My verses appear in your glamour like spiritual scriptures
like the city reminiscing
over the same emcees constantly over and over
It'll take a guy like me in the darkroom
to destroy that picture, burnin the backdrop
Last year's records you still spinnin that
two-year old jam, go, ain't nobody I heard since rap been invented
C'mon DJ's y'all need to stop
bowin down to these indoor gangsters rubbin they cocks and tramps
Sellin more than three million you're pop
Good momma's boys that act wild
Show up to the Bill Cosby show
They take a sponsorship from Magnavox

{*scratched Big Pun: "The glamour life!"*}

[Chorus 2X: Marc Live]
I got three in the living room, three in the limousine
Felipe hate y'all express what them chickens need
Keith pass them checks, we made a hundred thou'
on the last tour, it's a good night, glamour life

[Kool Keith]
C'mon with the servant
A lot of dudes can't get out for sunshine
Lookin obvious followed by seven black Suburbans
Who's that in the car fakin with the fat bodyguard
walkin in a soft residential area like Ronald Reagan
You might as well be good with a teddy bear in your hand
with a thong on, scared to conversate
With people with a skirt on like Megan, Symone, jackasses
lookin from behind the curtain like Raymond
Klondikes that won't enjoy they life
Don't even wanna buy a bird to keep you company
Scared to write a legit check
Remember nurses won't go out to the country
You'll be back and turnin urban in a senior citizen outfit
like an old person
Walking around the city with a cane
With the millions you saving, I'm not impressed


Smack everybody
Is it the glamour life
that make you think you tough?
You're so high you gangster
You're BAD, smackin everybody
Beatin up everybody, you coward
You're tough
Is it the glamour life
Enamored with glamour glamour glamour

{*scratched Big Pun: "It's the glamour life!"*}