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Artist: Kool Keith f/ Ced Gee
Album:  The Legend of Tashan Dorrsett
Song:   Flow Smooth (DJ Junkaz Lou Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kool Keith]
One two, Tashan Dorrsett (Ta-shan... Dorr-sett)

See I'm Tashan Dorrsett, you guys wear fake crocs
Wearin thongs like Betty, ain't no real bands in the crowd
but you do sleep in the teddy
Not needle pickin, your flow need to thicken
Get better residential, otherwise
you'll be losin more games against me, you hear me?
You foolin like a rookie, you're just a Marbury
New York Knick'n, with the little bit of light you gettin
Got you sniffin, +Uptown Saturday Night+
Got a little Saturday hype
You sound like Loudon Wright
A fat girl who can't lose weight on the mic

Flow brick thick, flow smooth
Flow smooth...
Flow so brick thick, flow smooth
Flow smooth...
Flow so brick, thick flow, smooth
Flow smooth...
Flow so brick, the flow is sick, flow smooth
Flow smooth...

[Cee Gee]
Yeah~! Hey yo, don't be mistified
It's your boy Ced Gee, and I'm one of the baddest
See I'm tired of hearin some of you cats rap dawg
It's just some of the saddest
A waste of time and a wasted rhyme on a
CD or iPod, it's just a bunch of madness
Your flow's the same on every record
You talk about the same
I don't even know if you consider your weak skills above the average
You spit the same old baggage, you just a wannabe savage
Your lyrics are so tragic
Youse just a silly rabbit
I know you wish you had some of my magic
But you can never have it
See because I'm one of the classics, a rap fascist
Me leaving the game? Check my archives dawg
I know you wish you could grab it, snatch it
Imagine, you could be like me
with all of your raps mastered - yeah

[Chorus] - 3/4X

[Kool Keith]
You could be imprisoned for 75 years you'd never have much lyrics
I got 60,000 pads full ready to explode
Spit 'em out like machine guns
Watch the 12 star general reload
Open up the top of the tank, you see the strips
Even Hitler knew about my rank
Since the Berlin Wall, the rise and fall
Communists trained to throw
... vocals around like a ventriloquist
I sprinkle with better piss
I can use the more deeper chemicals, instead of this
They leave with enemas~!
Face the boxes, the laboratory with 10 million bottles of vinegar
Alcohol yes, I sprell{?}, you can read in braille
Minefield stay active to blow your legs off when you come and see me
Don't step on the seashell, officials, yeah
Lock out your passport (lock it out)

[Chorus] - 3/4X