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Artist: Kool Keith
Album:  Black Elvis/Lost in Space
Song:   Intro (Release Date)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kool Keith]
This is the intro
Why are you looking hard with a hood on and Timberland boots
staring at me for one hour - 
- when you could walk up and shake my hand?  Why?
Why are you making those mean faces in your videos
with the fish lens effects?  Why?
Why do you walk in the clubs with 30 people around you
and stand in the corner, with big bodyguards for no reason
Why do you pull up, in valet parking, with your Benz, that is rented?
Fronting on a cellular phone that doesn't work - why?
Why are you smirking up your face, making obnoxious facial scenes
like I supposed to be scared (supposed to be scared) - why? (Why?)

Who are you? (Who are you?)  
I circle like sharks while y'all panic - I cruise the Atlantic
Y'all think I'm spaced out, human from the Earth planet
That's right tomorrow I plan to boo your shows in the Apollo
You follow, in the crowd the audience is hollow
Never ending while I'm mind bending resending you the first verse
that you was worse, a drag queen with a purse, unrehearsed
Don't try to reverse, harsh words send you to a nurse
Emergency with urgency, non-wrappable comics and
half of y'all out there got me vomitin (BLEH)
Turnin Islamic and Dominican, Indian Cambodian watchin Nickelodeon TV
You see me lookin at me grabbin my pee-pee, y'all still sleepy
with hard faces tryin to look creepy?
You are the monsters of the original Mr. Softie, ice cream trucks

{*sung - background*}	Open your eyes, tell me why can't you see?
{*this line unclear*}	Why are you hating the player ?? ?? ??
			Why can't you see that your fakin is weak?
			Open your eyes, tell me why can't you see?

Your exaggeration perpetration levels are at exaggerating full speed
Why must I answer to you evil monsters?

{Hey Keith, we, are the official, haters
 And you have sunken into the official hating zone
 in which you witness the most salt shaking
 behind your back speaking
 record criticizing cock blocking
 in the club costume jewelry wearing
 valet parked Lexus renting
 undercover, star-struck
 no game-having fake Versace shirt wearing
 motel hell living
 false Muslim being, jungle fever having
 pork-eating demon people
 Our purpose here on your planet is to BRING YOU DOWN
 If you can evade this evil, you will be the man}