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Artist: Kool Keith
Album:  Love & Danger
Song:   New York
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Is motherfuckin New York in the house?
Say YEAH!! Say yeah!!!

[Kool Keith]
Deejays don't know what to play, they stupid
New Yorrrrrk (New York City) New Yorrrrrk!
(New York) New Yorrrrrk, New Yorrrrrk!
(New York City) New Yorrrrrk

New York, London, Paris, Germany
Movin through the UK with burgundy
Stars on my arm, the throne in my palm
The facts not fiction
Sudden spark from the lyrical addiction
Overload of thoughts, released to melt the courts
The shorts make rap become sports
Trophies on my arm
Calculatin the track like LeBron
Supreme all star, the spotlights are on
Chillin with the ladies 'til the break of dawn
Jay-Z said I was king; burnt out with the championship ring
Oscar monitor sideburns like Dave fiend
Gave him a 16, some didn't know how to do it
Rub it on they tracks like cream
My body and chest like Devante swing
They ching-a-ling-a-ling
Women pull off they panties and things
Double cheetah, Uptown captain leader
For the Post and Daily News reader
Tequila shot, make her hot, touch her G spot
My hand by her crotch, she like to watch
Breitling, with a chick like Iman{?}

New Yorrrrrk (New York) New Yorrrrrk! (New York)
New Yorrrrrk (New York City) New Yorrrrrk!

With Puffy on the side
Custom tuxedo in the Phantom ride
The industry best in his prime
They say I'm the new Kanye West
Able to progress, take chicks away from Payless
to better slacks, I never wear black
Only covers designed
Everything custom from Beck & Stand
They all usin a regular mind
Remember yours is not better than mine
New York speak, coffee for you is real cheap
So you can open curtains and take a peak
Blackberry been had it
when phone booths was on the street
Before radiators and emcees had heat
Recordings with Elvis Presley at Unique
The king of the town, arrogant is how I sound
Can I have my own autograph pleeeeeeease?
The King of New York

New Yorrrrrk (New York City) New Yorrrrrk! (New York)
New Yorrrrrk, New Yorrrrrk! (New York City)
New Yorrrrrk

The Eric Benet
Buy ladies ice cream on a Sunday
Coyote coats, no play
Macy's 84th Street
4 or 5 bags your weekend
I'm Red Lobster every day
St. Aubin's was the place
Cookouts with Aunt Annie Mae
WPIX and FOX, what more can I say?
Ball like a Devil Ray or a Toronto Blue Jay
Brooklyn Bridge, you can call me BK
Junior's Restaraunt, headline over AVANT
Louis Vuitton
I gave 5th Avenue their first shot with Yves Saint Laurent

New Yorrrrrk, New Yorrrrrk! {*3X*}
New York City